Ditanium Vaporizer Review – Desktop Vaporizer meets Dab Rig?


The ability to do traditional dabs alongside bowls of dry herb is pretty few and far between for vapes. Few devices can use both, and even fewer can do both at the same time. Namely the Focusvape Tourist, Flowerpot and this, the Ditanium vaoprizer.  We check out this device to see how it performs compared to other units!

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Review: Ditanium vaporizer

Ditanium vaporizer Review

Ditanium vaporizer heating coils

How it Works

The Ditanium is quite straightforward. Turn the dial-up, let it heat-up for between 45 seconds to 10 minutes. We’d say 10 minutes to really let it heat soak and come up to speed. Pack the herb into the screen and affix the whip onto the device. Slowly inhale to enjoy!

With concentrates, simply touch your wax to the quartz dish to dab away! You’ll want to use a different heat setting for dabs than you do dry herb, however.

Ditanium vaporizer available colors

Ditanium vaporizer power control

Temperature Flexibility

The Ditanium technically has full temperature control similar to how you can claim the Classic Volcano has full temperature control, this control comes in the form of a turnable dial.

The dial can be a bit unwieldy and you never know exactly what temperature you’re at. We suggest starting around 12 o’clock and figuring things out from there.

While it can go all the way up to a searing 900°F/482°C, you’ll likely stay in the range of 180-300°C for dabs and dry herb.

It can be a bit tough to precisely control it since it operates off a dial and not a precise display. We’d love to see that addition for sure.

Ditanium vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Very good! Not the cream of the crop but very, very good for both dry herb and concentrates! Great flavor, smooth hit, efficient, and great cloud production! It works quite well through a bubbler if you throw a 14mm adapter onto the end of the whip.

Taking a stacked dab/herb hit is something to behold and worth at least trying twice! Amazing flavor, and cloud production there!

Some users struggle with Ditanium due to the learning curve it has and prefer the Utillian 722 vaporizers because it is both easy to use and has good vapor quality.

Ditanium vaporizer front display

Manufacturing Quality

It’s nothing too special at all, but it has so much practicality! Most e-nails suffer from being dangerous because they get so hot and have exposed pieces. The Ditanium solves that with its wooden chassis. The glass connection of the whip still gets pretty hot however, something to keep in mind. Beyond that, it’s simple, reliable, and well put together. Seasoned users who want something fancy yet strong built tend to prefer the Hybrid Volcano since it has way more options.

It comes with a fairly basic kit consisting of the Ditanium itself, glass handpiece, silicone whip, titanium mouthpiece, user manual, and 1 year warranty. We would’ve liked to see a dab tool and braided whip cover included, but it’s no big deal really.

Ditanium vaporizer upper part

Ditanium vaporizer usb slot


The Ditanium plugs into the wall and really will stay there for its entire lifespan.

It’s still not too huge and could fit in some bags, but you’ll probably just leave it where it is. Some users who like their vaporizers in the palm of their hand and yet do not want to compromise on the vapor quality and flavor tend to lean towards the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer.

Ditanium vaporizer tank

Ease of Use

The lack of precise temperature control takes some getting used to and thus has a learning curve. Users that want full control of their temperature for the best flavors and vapors prefer the Davinci IQ even though it too has a slight learning curve. While the dabs vape at one dial range, the herb vapes at another, with a small overlap between the two for stacked hits. You’re kind of going in blind and even draw speed will affect the temperature it vapes at.

Cleaning, on the other hand, is simple! For dabs, crank the dial all the way up to the max. The dish will get hot enough to fully burn off any residue. We’d recommend using cotton swabs mixed with an organic quartz dab cleaner for the best results though. The glass dry herb pieces can just be soaked in isopropyl alcohol otherwise.

The whip can’t really be cleaned, so you’ll be stuck with that ‘dirty’ look on it for its lifespan unless you get a whip cover on it.

Ditanium vaporizer back side


Sitting on the desk without a whip attached makes it look rather innocent.

Could pass it off as some sort of small wooden trinket or potpourri dish.

While hitting it, maybe it’ll appear like a strange hookah, but nothing that immediately screams “Weed!!”. However, users who desire discreetness usually tend to prefer the Mighty Vaporizer that can be easily carried in a backpack or even a jacket pocket.

Ditanium vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

Such a great value really! The vapor quality is very very good for both dry herb and wax.

Not the best of the best, but certainly good enough to impress even the most snobby people.

It’s just such a good value to have a high performing dry herb vape and good dab e-nail with the ability to have stacked hits. Something you don’t get with 99% of units.

We wish there was a native way to take hits through pure glass as well as affix it to a bubbler without a silicone whip, but those are minor complaints. Also make sure you don’t exhale through the whip, as you’ll probably throw herb directly onto the heating element and scorching it!

If balloons are more your thing and you don’t really use concentrates you may be better served with a unit like the Arizer Extreme Q or if you want a 2 in 1 that is not tethered to the wall be sure to check out the Focus V Tourist.

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  1. Avatar for Martin
    Martin on

    Such a great piece! It’s very inexpensive for the quality of the product. The vapor quality with both herbs and waxes are very good. I’m very happy with this purchase! I wish they will add the balloon feature in this desktop vape as well because with this feature it will become one of the best desktop vapes.

  2. Avatar for Rose
    Rose on

    The Ditanium works very well. Very easy to set up and use. Stays very clean even after multiple sessions. Then just brush off screens or if it gets really bad, just soak in alcohol. Mine still has never gotten to that point. Very satisfying experience with this vape so far.

  3. Avatar for Nuri
    Nuri on

    Great vapor, perfect to set on your desk and hit all day or taking huge hits, this flower and concentrate combo will leave you feeling good, heat time is a little long but once its going its really going, Much heavier than I expected but feels sturdy.

  4. Avatar for Carby
    Carby on

    I didn’t really know what to expect when I ordered this vape, but after receiving it and giving it a go I can confidently say it’s money well spent. This is my third vaporizer, so to say, and so far so good. Ditanium vaporizer is a real cloud factory and is far more powerful than any vape I owned, Smooth, dependable, long lasting,

  5. Avatar for Johnny
    Johnny on

    Ditanium vaporizer is a real cloud factory and is far more powerful than any vape I have previously owned. I took me a while to understand this device completely but now I have mastered it and it is one of the best devices. The cleaning is easy and can be maintained without any hassle. The built quality is top notch and the wood used in this vape gives it a premium look. Love it!

  6. Avatar for Parker
    Parker on

    I am very impressed by how smooth the vapor it produces. Ditanium takes a few tries to dial the temperature to exactly where you want in and warming up takes a good 20-30 minute, but it easily puts out clouds. The glass part can be broken easily so with good care you will get most of it.

  7. Avatar for Uzal
    Uzal on

    Amazingly smooth and efficient my herbs lasts 24 hours .I don’t have to vape right when I get home at 4-5 pm.I now vape at bedtime.usually 3 bowls. I still have my arizer solo 2 bedside but this ditanium has put all of my other vaporizers to the sideline. I wish it had a display feature also instead of LED light which adjusts with temperature and confirms device operation.

  8. Avatar for Rose
    Rose on

    It is very durable and as well as aesthetically appealing because of its look. The vapor production and quality are just as impressive. It is fairly easy to use and can be set up pretty quickly for both dry herbs and waxes. I’m really loving my Ditanium. I especially love how easy, efficient, and versatile it is.

  9. Avatar for Lydia
    Lydia on

    Ditanium vaporizer is just a decent vaporizer. I found something strange that its vapor quality is very inconsistent and bad, which makes me frustrated sometimes. At the start, it produces good vapors, but after 4-5 puffs, it becomes very inconsistent. Overall, it’s okay and discreet vape.

  10. Avatar for Jim
    Jim on

    Works great as vaporizer or enail and is very sturdy. Much heavier than I expected and there is a learning curve definitely. The vapor is much denser than other vaporizers provide and the nail will get red hot. No product left over after the rip which was my main worry. Great versatility and super easy to use.

  11. Avatar for Santro
    Santro on

    Takes a bit of patience to dial in your temp, but the vapor is so nice and smooth once you do. feels very well made despite the review before mine. I get people wanna take things apart and tinker, I did a mod or two on mine also but the screen hasn’t become dislodged yet, I get the part about cleaning the inside of the quarts meeting the titanium is a bit difficult, I found pipe cleaners folded in half worked pretty well.

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