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The Dabado Bolt 2 is a portable enail kit that includes three nails made from different materials and a water filtration attachment. It even has a digital screen, plus a removable and replaceable heating element. And if this is your first wax vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: Dabado Bolt 2

Dabado Bolt 2 Review

How Dabado Bolt 2 Vaporizer Works

How it Works

While this is the newest product in the Bolt lineup, the functionality is essentially the same.

The basic idea is that you have a battery that drives a specific amount of power to a nail, which heats up your concentrate so you can inhale vapor through the glass water filtration attachment.

In other words, this is just doing concentrates using a battery to supply the heat instead of a torch. There’s really only a couple of other things that you need to know to actually use it. First of all, there is just one button on this.

If you click it three times, it will turn on for a lower temperature draw. If you click it five times, it will turn on to a slightly higher temperature. I’ll go over this in more detail in the next section.

Dabado Bolt 2 VaporizerBoth the nail and the glass attach directly to the base. There are three nails: one titanium, one quartz, and one ceramic. The glass water attachment has an open ended tube portion that slides right over the nail.

Once the nail is heated, you put your concentrate on the nail and use the opposite side of the supplied dab tool to ‘cap’ the end to trap your vapor while you inhale.

You can actually remove the top of the base to access the heating element as well. This allows you to easily replace it if yours breaks.

Temperature Flexibility Of Dabado Bolt 2 VaporizerTemperature Flexibility

I have to be honest, I was very disappointed with the temperature flexibility of this. When I saw that it had a digital screen that displayed the temperature, my first thought was that they built in full temperature control something similar to Source Orb 4 Signature Kit. I was very excited about that but then realized there was only one button.

Even with one button, you could theoretically achieve a wide variety of temperature levels though, so I assumed it would be fine. As it turns out, there are just two temperature levels, and they aren’t even spread out to achieve different types of extraction.

The three click level is 680-699F. The five click level is 700-720F. As someone who prefers lower temperatures for better flavor, I’m surprised that this is all they offered.

Vapor Quality Of Dabado Bolt 2 Vaporizer

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of this is good, though it’s not really any different from other e-nails that I’ve tried. The limited temperature range is very noticeable here because the vapor is noticeably warm. The water filtration helps to cool it down some, but I still found it to be warmer than ideal.

With that being said, they have a really good aftermarket attachment that absolutely destroys the stock option when you compare the performance of the two.

The one I am talking about is called the Orbit. It supplies more water and more diffusion of the vapor, so it’s nice and cool by the time it actually reaches your mouth, throat, and lungs. Users that prefer bigger clouds from their hits usually prefer units like the Puffco Peak.

Manufacturing Quality Of Dabado Bolt 2 Vaporizer

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality is good, but there are really only a couple of changes between this and the original Bolt from what I can see.

The first thing is the replaceable heating element. This is a nice feature to have if your breaks, but you also have to wonder why that’s a concern to begin with.

The second feature is the digital screen that displays the temperature and battery life. I honestly don’t find the screen useful at all.

While this technically has temperature control, the result is almost indiscernible from the original or any other wax pen such as the Linx Ares.

Dabado Bolt 2 Vaporizer

Battery Life Of Dabado Bolt 2 VaporizerBattery Life

The battery life is average. In my experience, you’re looking at about 10-15 heat cycles max before you have to recharge it.

How good or bad this is will ultimately depend on how often you use it.

Some people take a single draw every day or two, while others will go through those 10-15 before a day is over. Frequent users may want to look at other devices with larger battery life like the Utillian 5.

Portability Of Dabado Bolt 2 Vaporizer


I know that this is technically portable, but it’s really not something that you can carry around with you in public. The glass attachment just makes it too large, unwieldy, and breakable.

This is portable in the sense that you can carry it around your house or take it over to a friend’s house. There’s actually an included carrying case to make doing so easier.

If you want a portable way to enjoy concentrates on the go, you’ll need to grab a wax pen like the Linx Blaze which is much smaller in size and easy to carry around.

Ease Use Of Dabado Bolt 2 Vaporizer

Ease of Use

This is very easy to use. In my opinion, e-nails are much more beginner friendly than using a traditional dab rig with a torch.

Even if they don’t have great temperature control, there’s at least no way to mess it up.

You just turn it on, put your concentrate on the nail when it’s hot, then cap it and inhale.

In this case, clicking the button three times will activate a slightly lower temperature than if you click it five times. That’s all there is to know! However, users looking for more options to dab tend to prefer wax pen units like the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit that come with 7 coil options.

Dabado Bolt 2 Vaporizer

Overall Experience Of Dabado Bolt 2 VaporizerOverall Experience

The Dabado Bolt 2 is a good e-nail, but it’s not much of an improvement over the original Bolt.

It has temperature options now, but just two and they only span 40 degrees total. There’s a screen, but it’s usefulness is limited considering there are only two temperature settings.

So if you already have a working original Bolt, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to this. You’re money would be better spent on getting the Orbit glass attachment than upgrading to the Bolt 2.

If you don’t have an e-nail yet and want to get one of the Bolts, I’d say that either would work. If you have the money, get the Bolt 2 since you can replace the heating element and it technically has temperature control. If you are strapped for cash, the Bolt will probably be just as enjoyable.

If you are looking for something pen shaped and lower temp, I really like the Kandypens Elite for it’s similar ceramic dish style atomizer.

If you are looking for a portable e-nail that actually has precise temperature control and the bonus of having a herb attachment as well, we would encourage you to check out the Focusvape Tourist.

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