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Portable e-rigs are becoming a very popular way to enjoy concentrates, and today we’re bring you a review of one of the newer options on the market, the Cloud V Electro. This may be the biggest unit we’ve ever seen labeled as portable, but it also boasts a gigantic battery and very durable materials. If you are looking for an e-rig, this may be a good option, but there are some very important issues you need to know before buying. To learn all the pros and cons of the Electro, read the full review… also if this is your first wax device be sure to check out our Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: Cloud V Electro

Cloud  V Electro Review

Cloud  V Electro how it works

How it Works

Like other e-rigs, the Cloud V Electro is a lot like using a traditional dab rig, only the heat is supplied electronically rather than through a torch. One of the reasons this is becoming such a popular way to do dabs is the fact that you can actually control the temperature.

The base is a battery which drives power to a titanium nail with a small dish on top to hold your concentrate. There is a glass bubbler that is placed on top of this, then you simply add wax, cap the chamber, and take a draw like normal. You can choose between straight and bent bubbler tops.

Cloud  V Electro temperature flexibilityTemperature Flexibility

There are actually two versions of the Cloud V Electro. The one we tried only has two temperature settings. Blue indicates 800F and red is 1000F.

This isn’t a very good set of options, as it completely ignores low to mid-range dabbing, which takes place between 600F and 750F. In other words, be prepared for high-temperature dabs.

These are associated with worse taste and more splatter, just so you know. There is a silver lining though. Cloud V also has a temperature controlled version of the Electro, with a temperature range between 550F and 1000F. This option makes a lot more sense in our opinion.

Cloud  V Electro vapor quality

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the base rig is decent at 800F. At 1000F, the taste is not good, and it honestly doesn’t seem like you get that much more vapor. Dabbing at temperatures this high is a good way to waste high quality material.

It is honestly a little strange that the two temperature options are so high, given how much focus has been put on the benefits of low-temperature dabbing lately. The ability to get lower temperatures is one of the main reasons people use e-nails, and the Electro just ignores that.

Again, this is a good reason to opt for the temperature-controlled version.

Cloud  V Electro with no top

Cloud  V Electro manufacturing quality

Manufacturing Quality

Aside from the poor temperature range, this is a very well-built device. You’d be hardpressed to find any vaporizer or dab rig that is more sturdy.

The glass is thick, and the whole unit should be able to withstand tipping over with no problems at all. As an added bonus, the bubbler portion of the Electro is spill proof.

Cloud  V Electro battery lifeBattery Life

The Electro is powered by a 6000mAh battery. At the high temperatures it’s used at, this won’t last as long as it would in a regular vaporizer, but it’s still very good.

You can expect about 45 minutes of continuous dabbing from a full charge. Consider the fact that each dab may only take a minute or less, including heat up time, and you’ll see that this battery is plenty big.

The flip side to this is that they recommend charging it for a full 9 hours when you first get it.

Cloud  V Electro portability


This is only portable in the sense that it doesn’t have to be plugged in. The unit is nearly a foot tall (11” to be exact) and weighs considerably more than most portable vapes.

This is best kept at home and used for dabbing around the house. For that use, it would perform admirably. If you want to use wax on the go, you’d have much better luck with a wax pen. Cloud  V Electro atomizer


Cloud  V Electro ease of use

Ease of Use

Using the Electro is pretty easy. Once you charge the battery, you just put the glass bubbler on top of the unit and turn it on.

Doing so is as simple as clicking the single button three times. Once on, you can toggle between the two temperature setting by holding the button for four seconds.

Cloud  V Electro discreetness


For the same reasons this isn’t portable, it also isn’t discreet. It’s simply too big and bulky. Plus you have the glass bubbler at the top. There’s no way to conceal what you are doing when using this.

Again, this seems to be a unit that is best used around the house, not when you are out and worried about not attracting attention.

Cloud  V Electro kitOverall Experience

All in all, the Cloud V Electro is a good electronic dab rig. The big battery is nice, and so is the build quality and durability.

With that being said, we definitely recommend splurging and getting the temperature controlled version. You’ll ultimately get MUCH more out of your unit, and it only costs ~$50 more. But for that price you are better off with the Focusvape Tourist which does amazing job at vaping both waxes AND dry herbs.

If you are looking for something portable, then you should probably keep looking. This is just too big to be used for this purpose. If you really want an e-nail, check out the Dr. Dabber Boost. It’s a little smaller.


Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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