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In the past year vaporizer manufacturer Boundless has exploded onto the scene, starting with their flagship unit the Boundless CFX. Today we will be looking at the latest dry herb offering from Boundless Tech, the Boundless CFV. This unit boasts pure convection, one of the first in the industry. If you don’t know the difference between conduction or convection to be sure to check out our blog. So let’s dive right in and see how well a full convection unit actually performs.

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Review: Boundless CFV

Boundless Cfv Vaporizer

How Boundless Cfv Vaporizer Works

How it Works

This device is shaped similarly to the Crafty+ and you load the unit in a similar fashion. Swivel the mouthpiece/cap 90 degrees and remove it from the body of the vaporizer to expose the heating chamber. Then fill the heating chamber with your choice of dried herbs and swivel the mouthpiece back on to lock it in place.

To turn the unit on press the power button 5 times on the device, the LED will turn on and flash the Boundless Tech logo before going to the main temperature screen and then automatically begin heating up to the last set temperature.

To change the temperature simply press the plus or minus buttons located near the bottom of the device.

Once the device has reached temperature the display will show a vapor symbol and the temperature will match your set temperature. Then it is just a matter of taking long draws through the mouthpiece to enjoy your vapor.

Temperature Flexibility Of Boundless Cfv Vaporizer

Temperature Flexibility

The Boundless CFV features a digital display allowing precise control over your temperature down to the individual degree. The unit can be set anywhere between 60C and 230C giving you a very large range to work with.

From testing, we did find it took a significantly higher temperature than most conduction based units to produce a decent amount of visible vapor. We ended up running the device on the highest temperature 230 as it was the only way to get a serious cloud. If you’re looking for big clouds and big rips for every session, then try checking out the Volcano Classic Vaporizer.

Vapor Quality Of Boundless Cfv Vaporizer

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality of the CFV is a mixed bag. On one end the flavor is outstanding, you can really taste all the subtle flavor notes of your herb and because there is no conduction you really don’t get any burned or cooked flavor.

On the other hand visible vapor production is a bit lacking, especially with anything below 200 Celsius. And in order to get any type of decent cloud production you have to bump the unit up to its max.


When you compare this unit to a unit like the Utillian 722 it becomes abundantly clear how underwhelming the vapor production is. A Utillian 722 set at 190 can produce decent clouds and puts the cloud production of the CFV at high temperatures to shame.

The only benefit of the thinner vapor production is that vapor, on the whole, is smoother than most other hybrid or conduction units, so if you are a person who tends to cough a lot when vaping this unit may be more geared towards you. But if you are looking for visible vapor, look elsewhere like the Utillian 720.

Manufacturing Quality Of Boundless Cfv Vaporizer

Manufacturing Quality

If you’ve read our Flowermate Swift Pro review you will probably notice that these two devices look very similar, in fact, they share the exact same chamber design. Just like the Flowermate Swift Pro, the Boundless CFV comes with different heat retention rings which will slightly change the quality of your vapor. The wood retention rings will add a more earthy tone to your botanicals while the quartz ring will allow the flavor profile of your botanical shine.

We find the manufacturing quality of the CFV to be slightly better than the Flowermate Swift Pro; it feels slightly better in your hands and has a better grip. However the display is probably the most glaring improvement over the Flowermate Swift Pro, the CFV’s display is much brighter, more vibrant and easier to read, which we were glad to see (literally).

The only issue we have with the CFV is the exterior is still completely composed of plastic which tends to not be the most durable over time and does not hold up well to drops. We would have liked to see a metal shell similar to the design of the Zeus Arc which is far more robust.

Battery Life Of Boundless Cfv VaporizerBattery Life

Battery life on the CFV is average lasting roughly 60 to 90 minutes. We are glad to see a unit this size outperforms the Crafty, which has a notoriously weak battery.

The unit also charges via micro USB making it very convenient to top up your battery using the Zeus Charge when you are out and about. The device takes roughly 2 – 3 hours to completely charge and it cannot be used while charging, which is one benefit to a unit like the Crafty Plus.

Portability Of Boundless Cfv Vaporizer


The Boundless CFV is far more portable than previous offerings from Boundless Technologies. The Boundless CFV will easily slip into a pocket, purse or zeus armor hard case for easy storage and transportation which can’t exactly be said for it’s much bigger brother the Boundless CFX.

One thing that hurts portability for the CFV is the need to stir the bowl every two or three draws similar to another convection unit the Firefly 2+. Just like the Firefly 2+ the CFV does not have a stirring tool built into the device which means you have to remember to bring one with you if you want to use the device efficiently when on the go.

Overall Experience Of Boundless Cfv VaporizerOverall Experience

Just like we did for Flowermate and the Swift Pro, we have to applaud Boundless and the CFV for creating a full convection vaporizer. We truly believe there is a lot of potential for Boundless with the design of the CFV but we feel the idea is not fully flushed out.

We would like to see much better vapor production at lower temperatures and even denser vapor at higher temperatures because right now for anyone coming from a conduction or hybrid unit, the Boundless CFV is going to be lackluster in the vapor department.

Those who prefer low temperatures and full flavor draws my find some appeal in the CFV but sessions with the CFV on lower temperatures take much longer to efficiently vaporize your herbs.

We would strongly suggest people interested in the  CFV check out the Utillian 722 as a viable alternative. The Utillian 721 is more in line with how the Crafty functions, insulating the side walls to keep convection heat more even when it travels through the herbs resulting in better vapor production and more efficient extraction.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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  1. Avatar for Randy McHarg
    Randy McHarg on

    We will never purchase this product again! Within 3 months the mouth piece broke off and we have had a number of conversations with customer service and still we have not recieved a replacment piece in the mail like promised! The worst customer service ever!

  2. Avatar for Lucas
    Lucas on

    I was excited for this guy as its one of the only portable low-priced convection vapes out there.
    For the first 1-2 sessions there’s a plastic-y taste, likely from the plastic mouthpiece but after that it become better, The battery does go down quite quickly, but so far it hasn’t been a problem as I used it max with 3-4 people for a session and generally for personal use. That being said, I don’t think its quite there to share as a vape in a group, Everything else is pretty great. The convection heating creates real nice vapour, and the customization of temperature is on point.

  3. Avatar for William
    William on

    Easy to pack and easy to clean. Nice draw. The mouthpiece portion does get hot during use. That is my only negative comment. Fit and finish are excellent. Time will tell on how much life you have with the mouthpiece. Overall a good experience with this vape so far.

  4. Avatar for Mike
    Mike on

    It works pretty decent in terms of both performance and convenience. It would have been great if it displayed a countdown before it goes to standby mode after the 5 min heating cycle. I found that when I restarted it out of standby mode, it would hover at temperatures way below what was set which is really frustrating.

  5. Avatar for Kelly
    Kelly on

    Great Bit of kit easy to use easy to clean and well made . Nice flavour from this vaporiser no plastic taste that you get from some but You have to draw soo damn hard to get vapor production at all. I’m not into blowing huge clouds or anything but it’s a lot of work just to get a decent hit off it.

  6. Avatar for Shacky
    Shacky on

    Would have been great if it displayed a countdown before it goes to standby mode after the 5min heating cycle. I found that when I restarted it out of standby mode, it would hover at temperatures way below what was set. I’m needing to do a complete shutdown and restart for it to heat up to the set temperature for a new cycle.

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