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We check out the newly released Boundless CFC Lite. We’ve been able to test out a wide array of their vaporizers like the Boundless CFX and Boundless Tera and have come away with mixed feelings. The new CFC Lite is a baby brother to their already budget-focused CFC 2.0. Check out what we think of the CFC Lite in our review!

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Review: Boundless CFC Lite

Boundless CFC Lite Review

Boundless CFC Lite heating chamber

How it Works

Most budget herb vaporizers have a similar function. 5 clicks of the main button to turn on, 3 clicks of that same button to change the temperature setting. After you’ve loaded the chamber up with around 0.2-0.3 grams of ground herb, it’ll only take roughly 40 seconds to heat up.

Once it reaches temperature, just take a long draw and enjoy the vapor!

Boundless CFC Lite mouth piece detached

Boundless CFC Lite power control

Temperature Flexibility

With the CFC lite you get 3 presets to play with – Blue: 385°F/196°C, Green: 403°F/206°C, Red: 421°F/216°C.

This is some decent versatility but we would’ve much rather seen some bigger variety in the presets or at least a couple more options to choose from. The Utillian 420 is a bit less than the Boundless CFC Lite and features 4 temperatures as well as an LED screen.

Boundless CFC Lite mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Almost every budget herb vaporizer follows the same formula for heating tech – a ceramic conduction oven with a short vapor path. The CFC Lite follows this trend.

With this type of setup don’t expect the best vapor on the market. It doesn’t chuck out monster clouds by any means, instead vapor is thin and whispy. The flavor is pretty good for the first few hits but quickly generated a ‘roasted popcorn’ flavor shortly thereafter.

We figured with such a short vapor path that the hits would be harsh on the lungs and throat and at the highest temperature, this is certainly the case. We wish Boundless opted for a better mouthpiece to preserve flavor, once again the Utillian 420, in contrast, features a glass mouthpiece, which does a much better job at preserving the flavor of your plant.  

Boundless CFC Lite front display

Manufacturing Quality

As with the other budget herb vapes Boundless has put out, the CFC Lite has a strongly plastic/rubber build quality. It doesn’t scream premium by any means and won’t impress anyone anytime soon.

It also has a rounded bottom and sides meaning it never sits fully flat which is very annoying especially when loading.

In the box is a kit you find standard with most budget herb vapes. It comes with the unit itself, a cleaning brush, USB charger, spare chamber & mouthpiece screens, and instruction manual. Nothing impressive, but it’s about all you need to get started and keep your device clean.

Users that desire a premium touch to their vaping devices usually prefer units like the Zeus Arc GT that has a gold plated chamber and heat sink.

Boundless CFC Lite detached

Boundless CFC Lite batteryBattery Life

A rare case, the Boundless CFC Lite is a budget herb vape with a removable battery! Packing inside an 800mAh 18350 battery, you’re free to change it at will whenever you like. This is great for the longevity of the product and if you’re ever out and want to pop in a fresh battery once it runs low.

On the flip side, 800mAh is a pretty small capacity and you’ll get only 2, maybe 3 sessions before needing to top up. 18350’s aren’t quite as common as 18650’s and you’ll definitely want to carry a spare for extended outings or sessions. However, carrying around spare batteries also negates the purpose of a portable vaporizer, forcing you to carry multiple pieces just to have a functioning vape. Users who desire longer vaping sessions and prefer removable batteries usually tend to like the V5 Nano Vaporiser that uses a removable 18650 battery.

Boundless CFC Lite with armor case


A petite device indeed, the CFC Lite fits great in the hand, pocket, or any bag you like. Though it’s not quite as tiny as something like the LITL 1, I doubt there’ll be many instances where you wish you got an even smaller device than what you have.

Boundless CFC Lite in hand

Ease of Use

Budget herb vapes are really straightforward to use for the most part, and the CFC Lite carries that tradition forward.

Cleaning is quite straightforward too unlike the vaporizers such as the Mighty whose cleaning is a bit of a tricky business. The cleaning brush should be used after every session or so on the mouthpiece and chamber to keep them free of grime.

Every dozen sessions or so, we like to take the screens out and soak them in isopropyl alcohol and give the chamber and mouthpiece a quick treatment with a cotton swab soaked in iso.

Boundless CFC Lite in another hand


Barely larger than a couple of lighters and fully black, it’s a pretty stealthy device. It might come across as a normal e-cig to some if you’re seen hitting it outside.

The CFC Lite with its conduction chamber will produce a strong amount of smell from your herb however, so keep that in mind! Users may want to look at devices like the Arizer Solo 2 that emit little to no smell because of quick heat time. Quicker heat time ensures less odor.

Boundless CFC Lite full kitOverall Experience

The CFC Lite doesn’t really do anything particularly special. It doesn’t have the best temperature control options, no fancy build quality, and bad battery life.

We didn’t expect to be blown away, and truthfully, we weren’t. It’s not extraordinary by any means and a slightly bigger investment can net you a device like the Flowermate V5 Nano, that’ll outperform the CFC Lite in every way. If the price point is what is enticing about the CFC Lite, we highly suggest checking out the Utillian 420, with a digital display, glass mouthpiece and 4 temperature settings, it outclasses most budget vaporizers on the market.

If you have questions about our Boundless CFCLite Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

6.6 Okay
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  1. Avatar for Kane
    Kane on

    You have to take it apart and clean it after almost every use because it has terrible airflow.

  2. Avatar for Garrett
    Garrett on

    This is my first vaporizer, and it almost do what I wanted it to do. It fits nicely in my hand, and is easy to carry around. It produce decent clouds but the flavor quality is not even close to the quality of clouds and also the battery life is very short that it does not last long and I have to charge it several times to fulfill my needs and which is why it really disappointed me.

  3. Avatar for Stella
    Stella on

    I bought this vape about a week ago during the sale and I followed all the directions given in the manual but it won’t produce clouds.. Hardly anything comes out at all. It takes about 2 sessions to get it heated up all the way and even then hardly anything comes out. It takes me about 3 sessions to feel anything. So, I don’t know what is happening and why it is not working properly even though I am doing everything that is mentioned in the manual. I am really disappointed with this vape.

  4. Avatar for Jaydan
    Jaydan on

    If you respect the device (clean it after each use and let it cool down all-the-way before you do a second session), then it’s reliable and discrete. This is really a solo device, meaning it works best for individual use, not for sharing in a circle. It is surely a very small and portable device and has a nice chamber as well. I also love the haptic feedback.

  5. Avatar for Phillips
    Phillips on

    I received it 5 days ago and I am impressed by the performance of it. I particularly like the vibration it does when it is ready as well as for other functions. It is super stealthy, it totally hides in your hand, so it looks like you might be covering your mouth to cough. This is perfect for that quickie before you run into the bar for happy hour, or on a hike, playing a round of golf.

  6. Avatar for Sarah
    Sarah on

    This is my first vaporizer, and it does what I wanted it to do. I wanted something inexpensive to start with, small, and I wanted it to have a cool enough starter temp option not to irritate my lungs and I don’t find it irritating, which is great! Overall, it does the job perfectly well. It fits nicely in my hand, and is easy to carry around.

  7. Avatar for Karen
    Karen on

    At first, I liked this vape because of the look and style of it but the battery life is really terrible. Battery only last for a while and the vapor and flavor quality is also not that good. The worst thing about this vape is that it cannot stand alone which makes it very inconvenient. Really disappointed by the performance and the money that I used on this vape!

  8. Avatar for Diana
    Diana on

    I am not experienced by any means but this product is good. It has exceeded my expectations for sure. The quality is very good and it produces a decent amount of vapor that is very smooth and flavorful. Little upset because it has only 3 preset settings but overall a good and decent vape.

  9. Avatar for Clarke
    Clarke on

    This is probably the worst vape I’ve ever had. Very experienced. I’ve had many. I needed something on the smaller side so I gave the CFC a shot. Incredibly disappointing. I’ve had other boundless vapes and was happy with them. The CFC is a dud. Can barely pull any hit whatsoever from it.

  10. Avatar for Theo
    Theo on

    It’s a very decent vape. You can’t expect something good from this vape as it’s only for beginners I believe. I am using it only for traveling purposes as I have a mighty which is very difficult to carry. The replaceable battery option is just perfect. My traveling partner.

  11. Avatar for Danny
    Danny on

    It’s so convenient and portable and simple to use pick up and go. Perfect for me. The pull is smooth too which I love and maintenance is easy as well. It hits smooth and the taste is amazing …the clouds are really impressive just the mouthpiece gets hot if you are using it longer.

  12. Avatar for Johny
    Johny on

    Got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it! Only problem being that the battery really doesn’t last long at all, it can be charging for hours and will only last for 1 or 2 goes if that. But other than that it’s great and looks cool in hands.

  13. Avatar for Matt
    Matt on

    I have used my friend’s herbal vaporizer before so pretty familiar with the herbal vapes. With my boundless CFC Lite, I did not get huge vape clouds but did get a few clouds here and there. Also, the battery of this vaporizer is very bad. Pretty bad experience with this one.

  14. Avatar for Jenna
    Jenna on

    This is my first portable herbal vape. I don’t like the experience with this vaporizer so far. Auto shut-off is annoying, detail needs to be included in the manual. Performance is pretty good as well as the 3 preset temperature settings. However, battery life is also very bad. So in my opinion, it’s an average unit, not a special one.

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