Bo One vs Juno Showdown – Cartridge Karate

On our last feature, we did a matchup between two up and coming pod-style devices: The Bo One and Myle. The Bo One eked out a victory and in true tournament fashion, it’s now time for the Bo One to square off against the Juno vape pen for the final matchup to finally decide the king of all pod-style vape pens in this Bo One vs Juno showdown.

While the Juno didn’t fare very well in our recent review of it last month, we’re willing to give it a 2nd look in order to give it a fair chance against the almighty Bo One. So without any further ado, let’s get to it.

Bo One vs Juno
Bo One vs Juno Review

Bo One vs Juno mouth pieceFlavor Quality

When we did our review on the Juno, one of the most standout disappoints was the severely lackluster flavor production. Flavors felt muted and dull, spit back was a common occurrence, and the lack of flavors to choose from feeling limiting considering the Juno is a closed pod system that disallows you from using your own e-liquids.

Upon revisiting the device for a second look, our feelings towards the Juno haven’t really changed unfortunately as it stands to be one of the poorer performing devices in its category.

The Bo One, on the other hand, offers up to 11 flavors with the option to select between two nicotine strength variants. A 50mg/ml variant is available for those who prefer a bit more punch in their inhale, but for those who like a gentler vape, Bo One also offers pods in weaker options.

All the flavors are excellent and the Bo One does a good job at bringing out their best qualities. Airflow is smooth and we never experienced any sort of spit back while vaping on the Bo One, something we can’t say the same for the Juno.

Bo One vs Juno front displayManufacturing Quality

Right out of the box its pretty clear which among these two devices in this Bo One vs Juno showdown gives off a better first impression; the Bo One simply exudes a rich minimalism which the Juno fails to offer with its all too simple cookie cutter design.

The gap in overall build quality only widens as we actually hold each of these two devices in hand. The Bo One feels superbly polished to the utmost detail, while the Juno feels almost like a cheap toy that might break after only a few weeks or a month of careful use.

We even prefer the subtle branding on the Bo One in contrast to the rather tacky font type used for the Juno Logo.

Both the Bo One and the Juno feature a plug-and-play pod style mechanism that relies on gold plated pin connections that easily snap into place for installation. Both the Juno and Bo One rely on an air activated draw sensor to activate, effectively eliminating the need for any physical buttons on either of these two devices giving them a pleasant and uncluttered look.

While each of these pod-style devices features a see-through window on their pods to easily gauge remaining e-liquid levels, we have to hand it to the Juno as it uses a non-tinted PETG plastic for better visibility in contrast to the tinted pod window on the Bo One which can make it difficult exactly how much e-liquid is left in low light conditions. If you are looking for a 510-thread battery for oil cartridges we suggest checking out the Yocan Uni Pro.

Bo One vs Juno in handEase of Use

The draw activated sensor on the Bo One and Juno make things exceedingly simple, even to first-time vapers. Thanks to the absolute lack of buttons or screens to navigate, both the Bo One and the Juno feature a straightforward approach to vaping.

Both devices are compatible plug and play pods that come pre-filled out of the box so there’s no need to deal with refills that can get sometimes messy.

The transparent window on the Juno is slightly more preferable though compared to the tinted pod used by the Bo One as gauging remaining e-liquid levels can be a bit troublesome especially under poor lighting.

Bo One vs Juno with armor casePortability

The Bo One and Juno are pretty much identical in terms of battery life straight out of the box with their integrated batteries rated at 380mAh.
The Bo One definitely gets some plus points though thanks to the option of purchasing the Bo Charger Box, a dedicated portable charging dock which makes things a lot easier for power users who dislike having to hook up their device to a power bank when on the go.
With both the Bo One and the Juno being practically identical size-wise and having pretty much the same amount of e-liquid per pod (1.6ml) we’re going to have to call it a win for the Bo One in this department thanks to its potential for battery expansion making it a lot more convenient to take with you on the go.

Bo One vs Juno power controlPower Flexibility

When comparing power flexibility between the Bo One vs Juno, with both being draw-activated pod-style devices, you might not be surprised to hear that these lack any form of adjustability in terms of wattage or output. Firing at a fixed output dependent on the remaining battery level, you won’t find much to tinker within either of these devices.

Both support a variety of pods offered in 36 and 50mg/ml so you won’t be missing out in this regard by choosing one device over the other.

Where the Bo One does triumph over the Juno, however, is the availability of an optional battery pack which extends battery life to 1500mAh.

Users who are interested in 510 thread cartridges for oil often prefer the CCELL Palm.

The Bo Power essentially functions as a portable charging station with dimensions similar to a pack of cigarettes making it a lot easier to carry around compared to a standard power bank. The easy to use design of the Bo Power eliminates the need of cables as well as the Bo power functions as a dock for the Bo One.

Bo One vs Juno winnerSHOWDOWN

The Bo One and Juno are pretty much carbon copies when it comes to their specs on paper, but a closer look and actual hands-on experience with both of these devices severely suggests otherwise.

Not only is the Bo One constructed a lot better than the Juno, but it’s pods are also superior in pretty much every way when taking into account flavor quality and the sheer availability of flavors you can vape with.

In terms of portability between Bo One vs Juno, both come to a draw when not considering additional accessories, but that quickly changes as soon as the Bo Charger Box enters the picture, easily extending the battery life of the Bo One by over 400% making it the more travel friendly out of the two devices. In conclusion, while the Juno has its own merits as a pod-style device, the win easily goes to the Bo One.


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