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Updated: September 27, 2020

The Black Mamba vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer that features 5 temperature settings and a ceramic chamber with a 0.65g capacity. This is one of the cheapest dry herb vaporizers on the market, and unfortunately, there’s a lot left to be desired. Also if this is your first vaporizer be sure to check out our Vaporizer Buyers Guide.

Editors Note: Let’s face it, if you’re here you’re looking for a great budget vaporizer and while this device is certainly an option, we would highly recommend checking out the Utillian 420 first. It sets the standards on what budget vaporizer can be.

Review: Black Mamba

Black Mamba

Black Mamba Mouthpiece

How it Works

The Black Mamba’s functionality isn’t anything new. The base contains the internal (non-removable) battery, which has a capacity of 1600mAh. There is only one button on the entire device, which allows you to turn it on and adjust the temperature level.

The fact that it has temperature control at all at this price point is good, and you actually get 5 settings that are spread out across the entire vaporization range most people use.Black Mamba Temp Settings

The ceramic chamber is accessed below the mouthpiece. When you take the mouthpiece off, you’ll notice that there is actually a glass vapor pathway inside the plastic. While this is a nice feature we still don’t love that there is plastic around the vapor path.

Black Mamba Temp Selection

Temperature Flexibility

The temperature flexibility is decent for such a cheap unit. When spending less than $50 most people are happy if they get a device that simply doesn’t combust their herb – let alone one that comes with temperature options.

However, we did find that the lowest 2 temperatures were not all that effective at producing vapor. Users who are vaping for the first time usually tend to prefer units like the LITL 1 because it has a one set temperature making it beginner friendly.

Black Mamba mouthpiece

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is okay. I didn’t have any trouble avoiding combustion, although I did notice that flavor was generally sub par and the performance wasn’t all that great when the chamber isn’t fully packed.

Unfortunately, one of the Black Mamba’s strengths becomes a problem here. When you have a chamber capable of holding 0.65g of material, needing to fully pack it can be a bit of a chore and a waste of material.

I personally don’t use anywhere near that amount in a single session, which means I have leftover material to come back to later. The problem with this is that you have to start your next session with material that has already been partially vaped, leading to sub-optimal flavor and effects. 

Users not wanting to compromise over the vapor quality usually tend to lean towards the Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer and even though it might be a bit expensive, it’s worth every dime.

Black Mamba Profile

Manufacturing Quality

This is obviously a cheap vaporizer and while it does have some redeeming qualities like the glass insert, it ultimate still features cheap and underwhelming. 

If I could make any change, it would be to fix the chamber problem I mentioned above. This could be accomplished with something as simple as a “half-pack” insert or mouthpiece like Pax offers or even better like the Utillian 421 that has an anodized aluminum body and a glass mouthpiece. I’d also like to see the battery charge faster. As it stands, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

Black Mamba disassembled

Black Mamba with chargerBattery Life

The battery has a 1600mAh capacity, which translates to about an hour or less of continuous use.

Getting the whole hour requires pushing it past the point where performance drops off because the vaporizer begins to struggle to maintain the temperature between draws once the battery charge level drops to a certain point.

The battery life is below average when compared to portable vaporizers as a whole.

Users who are concerned with longer battery time tend to look at units like the Arizer Solo 2 that comes with 3 hours battery life and require less charging.

Portability Of Black Mamba Vaporizer


The portability of this is good. If you don’t mind using the same material for multiple sessions, the big chamber can be a big strength.

It allows you to prepack your material and enjoy multiple sessions without needing to repack it. The 45-60 minute battery life is good for most adventures, although you may need to plan on recharging it during the day if you are a heavy user. 

Users who prefer smaller units usually lean towards the Flower V5 Nano since it is really small and easy to pocket when you are out and about.

Black Mamba in hand

Ease of Use

This is very easy to use. There is just one button that operates the entire device similar to the Utillian 420, and all you do with it is turn the unit on and adjust the temperature. Loading the chamber is as easy as removing the mouthpiece.

This is a device that absolutely anyone could learn to use in a minute or two.

Black Mamba with hand


The discreetness of this unit is not the greatest in our opinion. Mostly because you hold this unit much like a pipe. Meaning if you’re in public you may get a few sideways glances. Users that prefer to stay low key usually look for units like the Zeus Arc GT that easily fits in the palm.

Remember to use a lower temperature if you don’t want to attract attention, it will help you keep both odors and visible vapor to a minimum.

Black Mamba Full KitOverall Experience

At the end of the day the Black Mamba vaporizer is just okay and for $50 what can you expect.

It’s certainly not the best vaporizer available and I wouldn’t even say its the best budget vaporizer.

I would look to spend just a bit more money and pick something up like the Utillian 420, which redefines the budget vaporizer and includes a digital display, glass mouthpiece, no plastic within the vapor path, and a year warranty.

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5.3 Mediocre
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  1. Avatar for Wendy
    Wendy on

    Black Mamba is cheap, easy to use, and works well with herbs. Taste is average, but the Battery died after 8 months of use (low to moderate use). there is no way to replace it without breaking the device.

  2. Avatar for Benny
    Benny on

    Looks great, Lovely shape and easy to use and easy to carry.. Downside: You need to pack it full to get a decent flavour and it gets very very hot after using for an extended period as compared to others.

  3. Avatar for Scarice
    Scarice on

    The look is decent but it wasn’t worth at all. The chamber is too large, tastes of burning plastic and barely gives off any vapour. I am really frustrated that I wasted this much money on this useless vape. I wish I had invested this money on some other good vape.

  4. Avatar for Coleman
    Coleman on

    I decided to wait to write this review, i’ve had this vape about 3 months now. It works alright but it’s not the greatest. Within a few weeks part of the plastic tubing the runs up the neck had cracked from the heat – I guess that’s why they give you two. The vape it pretty hard to keep clean and if it’s not clean it doesn’t work. Even when it does work, it doesn’t work that well. The inside becomes easily caked and needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every single use which is a huge pain. The mouthpiece becomes clogged easily.

  5. Avatar for Kastel
    Kastel on

    I used my friend’s herbal vape before so familiar with the herbal vapes. I did not get huge vape clouds but did get a few clouds here and there. In short, I am pretty unhappy with the inconsistent performance of this vape. 🙁

  6. Avatar for Damon
    Damon on

    I really like this vape. It has a larger ceramic herb compartment that is easy to clean. The only thing that isn’t the best is the glass mouthpiece. My first one broke after a week and I was lucky that I bought spares. This second one is a bit better so maybe that one was faulty. It heats up really fast and is easy to use as well. It has a sleek black design which is nice as well.

  7. Avatar for Human
    Human on

    It works fine but not stands for my expectations. The mouthpiece tube is too big and the dry herb compartment is too big. You have to pack this really tight to get any draw at all and the mouthpiece lets herb particles get to the mouth. With a few mods this could be a great Vape. Cheap enough to have as a spare vape just in case ! It works, could work better! Room for improvement

  8. Avatar for Armin
    Armin on

    it’s very discreet and fits in my hands perfectly. This vaporizer is pretty cheap, so please don’t expect anything special, but it works pretty well. Battery life is also okay. I believe, at this price range, you can’t get better than this one.

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