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It’s been a while since an Aspire device graced our pages so when the Aspire Dynamo landed on our laps, we didn’t hesitate at all getting our engines fired up into review mode. Featuring a high-powered chipset that fires the mod up to a maximum of 200 watts, the Aspire Dynamo makes lofty promises of living up to its namesake, especially now that it features an all-new design for the circular color display making device monitoring and adjusting a supposed piece of cake.

Review: Aspire Dynamo

Aspire Dynamo Review

Aspire Dynamo front display

Manufacturing Quality

Despite the Aspire Dynamo’s odd aesthetic in what appears to emulate a digital smartwatch grafted onto a box mod lies a surprising amount of care and polish in how the actual device is constructed. The device looks and feels premium right out of the box and goes right in line with Aspire’s legacy of paying extra attention to the details when it comes to their products quality control.

The box mod is crafted out of high-quality zinc alloy, giving it a sturdy and hefty feel when held in hand. Despite it’s boxy aesthetic, the Aspire Dynamo doesn’t feel uncomfortable to hold at all thanks to the rounded edges giving it a rather ergonomic feel.

The centered 510 connection is also a nice touch as it maximizes tank compatibility which makes switching between different tanks or RDAs practically a no-brainer as you won’t have to worry if third-party atomizers will fit or not. As for the battery sled, it can be directly accessed through the bottom battery trapdoor which features engraved polarity markers making quick and safe battery installation a walk in the park.

Aspire Dynamo available colors

The Aspire Dynamo doesn’t skimp on the quality of its buttons as well, the firing button located on the side of the mod is perfectly sized and feels intuitive to press and is easy to find with your finger even without looking at the device.  Tactile feedback is very much present as the fire button offers up a nice click when pressed; the same goes for the up/down buttons located on the face portion of the device right below the 2 inch TFT color screen.

Again we’re a bit bummed out that Aspire chose to go for a  TFT matrix instead of the much more vibrant and colorful OLED for their displays, but the screen on the Dynamo does a decent enough job that we’re almost willing to overlook it.

Aspire Dynamo mouth piece

Flavor Quality

To be quite frank, we were a bit excited to get our hands on the Aspire Dynamo as the word around is that the new mesh coils that go with the Nepho tank vape like a dream. We’re glad to report that we weren’t disappointed one bit as soon as set the kit up and got around to testing it.

Flavor production on the Nepho tank with the included mesh coil was rich and didn’t feel dull or lacking at all. Vapor production is around the ballpark of what to expect with a 0.15 mesh coil, which is to say its extremely generous; we’re talking potential steam engine-like amounts of vapor here. If you are looking for a 510-thread battery for oil cartridges we suggest checking out the Tronian Tautron.

For more conservative vapers, the Aspire Dynamo kit also comes with a regular kanthal coil rated at 0.5 watts. Flavor is still there but not as enhanced or forward as what you would get from the mesh variant. Vapor production is still more than satisfactory though and the coil didn’t have any issues despite us pushing the power output on the mod all the way up to 75-80 watts.

Just in case you were wondering, the Nepho tank comes outfitted with a wide bore Delrin drip tip so you won’t have to worry about vaping at high wattages and feel like you’re pressing your lips against a furnace.

Aspire Dynamo power controlPower Flexibility

The Aspire Dynamo comes with every feature and vaping mode you can shake a stick at. Aside from its powerful chipset that allows the device to fire up to a blistering hot 220 watts of power, this box mod also supports temperature control for vaping with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium coils.

In addition, bypass mode is also supported out of the box for old school vapers who want to feel like they’re vaping with a mechanical mod every now and then.

Another thing we really appreciated with the Aspire Dynamo is its compatibility with multiple sizes of lithium-ion cells. Aside from standard 18650 cells, the Aspire Dynamo can fit dual 20700 or even 21700 cells for even more vaping power and longevity. This is a real asset as while many devices advertise a 220 watts max rating, very few of these can consistently hit this power range with just a pair of 18650s.Aspire Dynamo coils

Aspire Dynamo tankEase of Use

Despite its numerous supported features, the Aspire Dynamo is surprisingly simple to set up for the casual vaper. First thing first is to make sure to charge your batteries with a separate charger. While the Aspire Dynamo supports micro USB charging, it’s always much safer to charge multi-cell devices with their own dedicated charger to ensure both batteries are properly balanced.

After your batteries are fully charged, flip the battery door open and insert the batteries according to the devices indicated polarities (the flat ends on the batteries are the negative end).

Setting up the Nepho tank is a breeze as well as all the parts simply thread together by hand and don’t require any tools to assemble. The Nepho tank uses a top fill mechanism with a built-in child lock but its as easy as aligning the markers on the top cap and pushing the lid off to reveal the fill port. If you’re vaping for the first time on a fresh coil, its best to let the e-liquid sit in the tank for about 5 minutes before vaping to allow the coil to be fully saturated.

Aspire Dynamo with armor case


Thanks to the dual battery configuration of the Aspire Dynamo, battery life is absolutely a non-issue especially if you opt for the bigger 20700 or 21700 cells. Getting through an entire day of heavy-duty vaping is not a problem for the Aspire Dynamo, even more so with a pair of the larger batteries compatible with this kit that boosts battery life to up to 2-3 days depending on how you vape.

Considering the power capabilities of the Aspire Dynamo, the device itself is deceptively compact, measuring in at  137 * 49 * 34mm (tank included). While the kit might have some difficulty squeezing into some of your tight-fit jeans, loose pockets and purses shouldn’t be a problem for the Aspire Dynamo.Aspire Dynamo battery slot

Aspire Dynamo full kit

Overall Experience

The Aspire Dynamo ticks all the right boxes for what most vapers should be looking for in a heavy duty high-performance device. If you currently own a dual 18650 device and are looking for something new that can carry dual 21700s, the Aspire Dynamo should be right up your alley.

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