AroMed Vaporizer Review

*Notice* this product is discontinued, check out our ranking chart for the best vaporizers currently available.
At TorontoV we have the privilege of being able to test the newest and most talked about vaporizers that hit the market. Around a week ago we got especially excited as we finally got the Aromed Vaporizer into our hands as the first authorized dealer in Canada. Even before receiving this German-made unit we were really excited to give it a try as many components and mechanisms used to vaporize are quite unique. First of all, the unit uses light as its heating source and the fact that the vapor is water filtered made us even more intrigued. So we put this unit through our stringent testing process and are happy to present you with the results.


AroMed Vaporizer

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Vapor Quality

So we gave the Aromed the old spin around the block and let me say one thing, the vapor is just unbelievable. Right off the bat I have to tell you guys, the AroMed produced the best vapor we ever tested. As soon as we started vaping we just could not believe the smoothness of the vapor. The water filtration system perfectly cools down the vapor making it super smooth. Furthermore, the flavor is so pure that I thought I was actually eating some of my botanicals!


But why is the vapor so great?

    • Aromed VaporizerPrimarily of all the water filtration system makes the vapor incredibly pure and smooth. It filters out larger particles that are small enough to flow with the actual vapor.
    • Second is the halogen light system that actually acts as a heat source. This heat source is incredibly consistent and actually works in perfect harmony with the airflow that it is given. When you take a draw, the heat source will actually emit more light to compensate for the heat loss as a result of the airflow. This is just precise and beautiful. When you draw from the unit you see the light play in perfect harmony with your drawing intensity and hear the water bubbling in the filter.
Furthermore, the halogen light heat source is the most pure heat source one can make for a vaporizer. Halogen lights emit nothing other than light and are therefore the cleanest heat source out there (Phyto inhalation technology). Overall, the Aro Med simply offers the best vapor out there and therefore receives the mother of all scores in this category, a 10/10.  You can check out the LITL One for its sleek design and affordable pricing, making it a good choice for new vapers looking for something small and efficient.


Manufacturing Quality

Aromed Vaporizer Case

The AroMed Vaporizer looks like it came straight out of a lab or hospital. It looks incredibly sterile but functional. I must even say it is a typical German design, not flashy and good looking but incredibly functional and of great quality. The casing, although it looks boring, is nice and sturdy and the temperature display works without any issues. What we would have liked to see improved is the holder for the little glass bottle that filters your vapor. The current way you attach the bottle is by simply strapping it to the side of the unit. Research & Experience could have definitely been a little more creative here. This unit comes with a very useful carrying case. The one thing that blows us away though, is the halogen light heat source. It is the first time we have seen such a mechanism but let me tell you, it works perfectly. Overall, we give the AroMed Vaporizer a strong score of 8.5/10 in this category. People who are looking for a robust build could have a look at the Crafty Plus.

Temperature Flexibility

Aromed Vaporizer Photon HeatAs the halogen light heat source might be the best vaporizer heat source we have ever seen, this also translates into absolutely fantastic temperature flexibility. The unit can reach temperatures of up to 235 degrees and therefore it can go right up to the maximum for vaporization purposes. What is also great is that the Aro Med can maintain its exact temperature, over a whole session of vaping. The halogen light actually lights up upon inhalation meaning that it maintains its temperature as soon as it senses airflow and therefore the temperature doesn’t drop while you are drawing. To be honest we really can’t think of a heating mechanism that is better at the moment and therefore give the AroMed Vaporizer another 10/10 in this category. The Utilian 421 would be a great choice if you’re looking for a mod with a digital display to show it’s temperature flexibility options.



The AroMed put quality over speed and you can clearly see this when operating the unit. It takes a little time to get going. Fill the water bottle, strap it to the unit, but the halogen light into the botanical chamber etc. So it will take you around 3-4 minutes to set yourself up. Also, as the halogen light is not an “aggressive” heat source, it will take around 2 minutes for the unit to reach medium temperature. Because of the many glass components, cleaning will not really take much effort as you can soak the stuff all together into a vaporizer cleaning solution or alcohol. The only issue is that you need a larger than the average jar, which will also take more space to store over time. In this category, we give this unit an above-average score of 6.5/10.



As this unit has no fan and therefore is only usable with the whip, it is recommended for personal use or smaller social gatherings. Furthermore, as the unit is quite delicate due to the glass water filter, passing the whip around is not very convenient. The number of people that can be served by this unit simultaneously without having to reload is four. This unit receives a 4/10 on reach.
Aromed Vaporizer Water Filter


Overall Experience

The Aromed Vaporizer is an absolutely awesome addition to the Toronto vaporizer family. It is the ultimate unit for true vapor connoisseurs. The vapor we were able to extract is simply amazing and might just be the best we have ever tested and the halogen light heating system seems like an invention beyond our time. We think that many vaporizers will be built like this in the future. If you can look past the point that this unit is not the prettiest, you will instantly fall in love with this great vaporizer. As you can see we are a huge fan of this unit and it therefore gets a fabulous overall score of 9/10. There are only two vaporizers in the world that scored 9 in overall experience; the Volcano Vaporizer and the AroMed.
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8.1 Score

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    Anonymous on

    Spanish vaporizer Lo Verde had halogen much more years before Aromed !

    • Avatar for Team TorontoVaporizer
      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      Interesting, we tried to research that here and look that vaporizer up. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything about it. Can you maybe forward a link to it so we can read up on it (in case the vaporizer is still available).

      Thank you for the information.

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    Will OHIP or the Ontario Trillium benefit pay for some of the costs on this if you have a prescription?

    • Avatar for Team TorontoVaporizer
      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      I am not sure, your doctor might have better information in that regard. It is definately one of the things we want to push for in 2013. Vaporizing is just such a new industry. We will do our best to make this happen for the folks that have serious health related issues that they need the vaporizer for.

  3. Avatar for Anonymous
    Anonymous on

    Really cool, but too institutional looking for me. Someone should do the same kind of thing only with good design.

    • Avatar for Team TorontoVaporizer
      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      It looks very cool when it is in operation, when it is standing by itself it just looks very medical. You are right about that. 🙂

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      Team TorontoVaporizer on

      The price is 439, but there are some nice promotions running on the unit once in a while.

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    Awesome vaporizer. Produce the smoothest vape. Your lungs will thank you when you get older if you purchase the Aromed. I use mine before half-marathons. I have had it for 6 months.

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    Water Filtration

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