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Hello, everyone! This is Milad for Toronto V TV. Let’s have a look at the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. This is another unit that I personally recommend, and it’s assembled right here in Canada, and at its price point, and even far above, probably the best vaporizer money can buy. We’ll have a look at what’s inside the package and then I’ll show you guys how the unit works.

Package Contents

In your package you received the Extreme Q vaporizer, two balloons, one aroma dish with some potpourri, two cyclone bowls, two glass mouthpieces, one long whip, one short whip, one set of extra screens, one glass stirring tool, an awesome remote control, and, if you order with us, you can select to have a free Zeus Bolt grinder made of aircraft grade aluminum.

How To Use

Arizer Extreme Q - How To Use Guide

When you first receive your brand new Extreme Q vaporizer, I recommend you allow it to sterilize itself before your first use. In order to do that, plug it in and press the button on the lower left hand side. And I will zoom in here a little bit, so you can better see the display. And there’s two sets of numbers, or digits, on the display. The left hand side here, the larger number, is the temperature the unit is at at the moment. The smaller number on the left is what you set the temperature of the unit at. So this larger temperature will generally go towards the smaller temperature. Now, you see it’s falling because the small temperature here is 70 degrees Celsius, 77 to be accurate. Now, for the sterilization we just press the up button until the temperature setting goes up to 260 degrees Celsius, which is the max temperature for the Extreme Q vaporizer. And you see already the larger temperature digits here are climbing up to get to that number. And you let the Extreme Q sit for about 20 min. That will allow the unit to kind of sterilize itself through the heat, and get rid of all those manufacturing oils.

Now while it’s doing that, take one of the cyclone bowls, and put it on top. They’re very accurately ground so you don’t really need to push it down. Just put it on top and it will fall into place itself. That will allow the cyclone bowl that you’re going to use for your first vape session to also get sterilized during this time. Now while that’s happening, if you want to be ultra conservative you can take the long whip and the short whip as well and give them a rinse with hot water and a little bit of soap. Just make sure that you rinse everything off completely with hot water once you’re done, so that there is no more soap or anything that is not water left on those whips.
Now that you’ve sterilized your unit, there’s three different ways that you can use it. The first method is to take draws directly through the whip.
Buy Arizer Extreme Q VaporizerThe second method is to blow up balloons filled with delicious vapor. Now, this method, is the method that I recommend, and probably the most popular way to use the Q. And the reason being that with most vaporizers, that don’t have the capacity to blow up balloons, you have to set up the vaporizer in a corner of your room or a corner of your house, and every time you want to vaporize, you’ve got to walk to the vaporizer. Now, with the Q, however, since you have a remote control, you can blow up the balloon, and you can set up the temperature, even turn on and off the unit, and only once the balloon of vapor is complete, you can walk up to the unit, grab your balloon filled with vapor, and vaporize in the kitchen, in your computer room, even in your living room, it really doesn’t matter. So it makes the vaporizer semi-portable around your household, which is a very very big convenience factor. Also, if you have guests over, usually with any other vaporizer you’ve got to get the guest to come and operate the vaporizer, and sometimes people haven’t used the unit before, and it increases the chance of them breaking some of the glass parts.
With the balloon, however, you just pass around the balloon, which is very convenient and kind of an attraction in itself.
The third method is to use the aroma dish. Now, the aroma dish is so used to diffuse scent directly into the room. I also call it a stealth option, because if you vaporize and the botanical that you vaporize doesn’t have the most pleasant of odors, or you don’t want to bother the people in your living space with those odors, you can simply put on the aroma dish immediately after you vaporize and diffuse some scents into the room now, be it lavender or lime, more commercial scents that most people do like.  Now, that’s why I call it the stealth option, because you can kind of use it to mask the odor of the vapor itself.

Now before we dive in and I show you how to use the balloon, or the whip, we’ll take a moment and I’ll show you guys how the display works. The first button that we already went through is the power button, which you can use to turn the unit on or off. The second button, here, is the menu button. If you press it once, you can turn on or off the sound. If your press it two times, you can set the time at which the unit will go into auto standby. So that way you don’t need to worry too much if you forget to turn off the unit. It will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time. If you press the menu button one more time, it will go into the temperature setting option. Now you don’t really need this option, because you can adjust the temperature from the main screen, and here we got it – here on the right side you get that same temperature, so you can adjust it from here with the buttons so you never need to go into the third menu option if you don’t want to. Now if you press the menu button four times, it will take you to the fan option, so you can set the fan between one to three. And it get s faster the higher you go. Now, since the Q in Extreme Q vaporizer stands for quiet, you can expect the most quiet fan in the industry at this time. So there’s no vaporizer out there that has a fan option and is quieter than the Q. If you press this menu button one more time, it goes into the LED option. So you can turn the LED light down here on or off. And that’s quite handy. I always leave it on. If you’re watching a movie and the room is dark, it’s really handy because you know where your Extreme Q is, but there’s really no harm to having it on. So you can constantly leave it on. Now the last one, if you press the button six times, you get a chance to set the temperature between Fahrenheit or Celsius. So if you’re more used to Fahrenheit, you can just switch to Fahrenheit and the display and everything will be in terms of Fahrenheit. Now for us here I’ll just leave it at Celsius.

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Now let’s go through the remote control. All the things you can do with the display buttons on the Q, you can also do with the remote. But because the remote has more buttons, you really don’t need to press the menu button all the time, like you would have to do with the buttons on the Q. So you can turn on the unit. With the buttons down here you can control the temperature, with the black buttons. With the blue buttons you can set the fan speed. With the green buttons you can set the auto shutoff. You have the audio button here, LED light, and the power button.
To start your vape session, the first thing you need to do is to heat your Extreme Q up to the desired temperature level. Now, for our presentation purposes here, I set up the Q at 190 degrees Celsius. Now, once it has reached that temperature on the display, give it another five minutes, to make sure that the temperature inside the heating chamber is all stabilized at that specific temperature. Here you can see inside the unit.
Now, while the unit is sitting, you can go ahead and fill up your cyclone bowl with botanical. For your botanical, and for vaporizers in general, we always recommend that you grind up your blend. To do that, a Zeus grinder is probably the best option you have. And we always recommend one because these have been designed for vaporizers. It will grind up your botanical to that perfect consistency that will allow your vaporizer to vaporize your blend as efficiently as possible. Now, other grinders or coffee grinders will do the job of grinding, but because they don’t grind up to that perfect consistency and because they’ve not been designed specifically for vaporizers, you will waste a little bit of your botanical every time you vaporize, and that can be costly over time.
Now we can ahead and fill up or cyclone bowl. And with the Extreme Q, you want to fill up the cyclone bowl up to the top. And the black grip here is for you to be able to grab it, because once this piece heats, it’s going to be very difficult to grab it in the middle here. It’s going to be very hot. But this section here doesn’t really get hot. And it’s just a coating on the outside of the glass so it doesn’t really interfere with the glass on glass vaporization that goes on inside the heating chamber. So once you’ve filled it up, you can put the cyclone bowl on top of the Extreme Q. And now that you have the cyclone bowl in place, you can either use the whip or the balloon to generate some nice quality vapor.
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In order to use the whip, you take this side – this side is called the elbow adaptor – and you put it on top of the cyclone bowl. And now if you draw on the mouthpiece here, you get some nice quality vapor. Now keep in mind that you don’t really need to engage the fan if you’re using the whip. That will just result in vapor shooting out of here. So you can simply draw on it.
The fan option is primarily for blowing up balloons. Let’s see how the balloons work. So with the balloons, you get the balloon itself, and you get a short whip. It also has an elbow adaptor on this side. So all you need to do, you connect these two, and it kind of becomes one piece. Then you place this on top of the cyclone bowl. Now let’s inflate a balloon, and for that you can use the remote control. Keep in mind that just like with drawing from any vaporizer, I always say that the slower and more consistently you draw, the better vapor you get. Same kind of philosophy with fans. Now, the slower of a fan speed you use, the better it is. If you’re in a hurry, obviously you can still use the faster fan speed, which is three. But if you want to just enjoy your vapor, and you have a minute extra, just use fan setting one. Now, let’s see what the vapor will look like, and I’ll just fast forward through this part.

Buy Arizer Extreme Q VaporizerSo here we go, and you have your fully inflated balloon filled with vapor. And all you need to do is you detach it here, you put your finger on the mouthpiece, and whenever you want to draw, you just take it off. Now, optimal vapor is defined as when you hold up the balloon and you can just barely look through it as a result of the thickness of the vapor. So the vapor we have here is a bit thinner than optimal vapor, but that’s just a matter of temperature. So just increase the temperature a little bit if the vapor is too thin for your liking, or decrease the temperature a little bit if the vapor is too thick. Ideally you want to stay within a range of temperature that’s dependent on the botanical that you’re vaporizing. And that you can look up in forums, and you can just search for vaporization temperature of the specific type of botanical that you’re vaporizing.

And the third and last way you can use the Extreme Q is with the aroma dish. Now, let’s assume you’ve vaporized, and you want to just diffuse some essential oils into the room.  You just leave the potpourri in there, or get some more, or you can even get some stones that will basically do the same thing. You open your essential oils, and you apply a few drops into the bowl. Place it on top of the Extreme Q.  Then you set up the temperature to the desired level. Now keep in mind that you’re not vaporizing, you’re diffusing scent directly into the room. So the temperatures you’re working with are relatively lower than what you vaporize with. For example for lavender, your kind of range is about 100 to 130 degrees Celsius to get the best scent. If you go higher, it won’t smell as nice. It will smell a little overcooked. Okay? So you set the temperature there, you set the fan speed to one, and you just leave the unit. And that will diffuse the scent into the room, and it will probably just take about two or three minutes and your complete room or little apartment is going to have a fresh scent to it based on the essential oils that you used.


I hope you found the Arizer Extreme Q How It Works video useful. This unit is an outstanding choice for any person that’s looking for a vaporizer primarily intended for indoor use. It can provide you with outstanding manufacturing and vapor quality. It’s assembled right here in Canada, and best of all, and the main reason why I personally recommend it, is that while the Extreme Q is one of the best vaporizers in the market, it is priced well within the medium range. That means you get superior value for your money. My name is Milad for Toronto V TV, and for all you connoisseurs out there, keep vaping!
Thank you for checking out the Extreme Q and feel free to leave your comments and questions here. If you have an EQ and know of tips and tricks on how to use the unit, here is the place to share them with your fellow connoisseurs :).
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