Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo Vaporizer Showdown

The Arizer Air has just entered the portable vaporizer market and the community is buzzing with anticipation. We here at TorontoV were just as excited to see Arizer release a new portable and we couldn’t help but compare it against other units in its weight class, especially its predecessor, the Arizer Solo! This showdown does exactly that and puts the Arizer air up against the Solo to see which the superior unit is. Let’s get to the showdown of Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo to see who will come out victorious!

Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo

Arizer Air versus Arizer Solo Vaporizer Showdown
Vapor Quality Winner - Air

Vapor Quality

The Arizer Solo has a lot going for it when it comes to this category. It made its name from it’s amazing vapor quality which it owed to its glass stems which delivered pure vapor flavor, the stainless steel heating chamber that delivered reliable and consistent heat and managed air flow that helped to make every draw as consistent as the last.
The Arizer Air has learned much from the Solo and brings to the table smaller stems that are still made of glass. The heating chamber is stainless steel like the Solo, but the airflow is less aggressive and makes for easier draws that are no less delicious and as smooth as air!
Manufacturing Quality Winner - Air

Manufacturing Quality

The Solo is a hearty unit that’s built to take some bumps without much complaint. The Aluminum shell makes this unit really durable and it feels like a powerful gadget just like the Mighty Vaporizer. The parts are all well machined and you can tell Arizer took their time with the design and execution of the unit.
The Air doesn’t fall short in this category. In terms of machining, all the parts fit together flawlessly and the unit feels sturdy and reliable. The shell may not be the same aluminum shell you see in the Solo, but they’ve managed to make the unit much lighter without compromising the high quality feel or durability of the unit.
Ease of Use Winner - Air

Ease of Use

The Solo is a pretty easy unit to use just like the Zeus Arc because of the simple design. The up and down arrows take care of everything from temperature manipulation as well as turning the unit on and off. The only place the unit gets even slightly complicated is in loading and unloading the unit, but even that isn’t much of a big deal.
The Air is even easier to use than the Solo as all the buttons have been merged in one location. This makes all operations possible with a single hand without even moving your finger from the same button. To add to that, the unit heats up in 1-2 minutes, so not only is the unit easy to use, but it’s quick too!
Portability Winner - Air


The Solo is a great portable vaporizer, but this is one area where the unit, unfortunately, doesn’t quite measure up as compared to ultra portable devices like the Utillian 722. The side and weight of the unit make is difficult to carry around easily and the glass mouthpieces are prone to breaking. You can improve upon the unit’s inherent portability by using the Zeus Armor Hard Case to carry it around, but on its own it isn’t the most portable unit on the market and doesn’t come with anything to help change that.
The Air’s plastic body not only makes the unit lighter for carrying around, but the size also helps to make this unit even easier to slip into your pocket and take with you on the go. The glass pieces are still of some concern, but the unit comes with a carrying holster that can be strapped to your belt or pants and has a place for not only the unit itself but also for the glass stems!
Discreetness Winner - Air


This is yet another area where the Solo unfortunately falls a bit short. This is thanks again mostly to its size and the glass mouthpieces. The size makes it next to impossible for all but the biggest and tallest NBA star to hide in their hand and the glass mouthpieces are quite large and tend to stick out like a sore thumb. There are various ways to try and get this unit to hide in plain sight like putting it in an empty cup from a fast food chain, but the unit doesn’t do anything itself to keep from being really noticeable.
The Air’s compact design goes a long way to making this unit more discreet. It can be pretty easily concealed in your hand and Arizer has even managed to make smaller glass stems to keep them from sticking out too much when they’re being used public places. This makes the unit way more discreet and makes it much easier to have a stealthy session while out on the go even though there are more discreet devices like the DaVinci Miqro.
Battery Life Winner - Tie

Battery Life

The Solo has a pretty decent battery life of about 1.5 hours on a full charge depending on what level you happen to be vaporizing at and moving fast forward its successor the Arizer Solo 2 has 3 hours battery life. This is pretty great battery life for a portable and keeps you from having to make too many trips to a wall socket to power your unit back up.
The Air had to lose somewhere, and it looks like this one is it. The unit’s smaller size means it has to downgrade somewhere, and that somewhere is in the battery. The battery life of the Air is only about 1 hour on a fully charged battery. You can buy multiple batteries and keep them charged for the times with the 1 battery won’t get you to the end of your session, but that isn’t enough to beat the Solo’s performance in this category.
Temperature Flexibility Winner - Tie

Temperature Flexibility

The Solo has 7 temperatures you can select that range from 50 Celsius to 210 Celsius like the Utillian 722 Vaporizer. This allows the unit to pretty easily satisfy just about any connoisseur’s vapor tastes.
The Air may not have as many temperature settings sitting at only 5 settings, but what it lacks in its number of settings, it makes up in its speed when reaching those temperatures. The Air can heat up to its maximum temperature in 1-2 minutes, where the Solo needs 2 minutes and 30 seconds to reach its max. As a result, this section is a tie!

SHOWDOWNShowdown Winner - Arizer Air

It was a great battle today, but at the end of Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo, the newcomer has taken the win as the Arizer Air seems to just be better calibrated and engineered overall. After this launch, I feel like the Solo is officially outdated. You can buy the Arizer Air here. It’s learned from the Solo’s shortcomings and bought to the table a vaporizing experience that improves upon the mistakes of the old while preserving its charms and strengths. Great job Arizer!
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Bud, did a nice comparison review video on the two Arizer portables, so check it out if you want some more detail.

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