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We’ve checked out some vaporizers like the Airvape Om and Airvape X before and always came away satisfied. Airvape has decided to up the ante and make their devices even more portable. Is it a good budget beginner vaporizer? Check out our review of the Airvape XS Go for more!

If this is your first dry herb vaporizer, check out our useful Dry Herb Vaporizer Ranking Chart to see the best the industry has to offer.

Review: Airvape XS Go

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer Review

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer heating coils

How it Works

Use something like the Bolt grinder to finely ground your herb and pack it down slightly for the best results! 5 clicks of the button will turn the device on while 3 clicks will cycle between the available temperature settings.

We recommend using the stir tool part way through a session to mix up your herb for more even extraction.

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer inclined view

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer power control

Temperature Flexibility

With the Airvape XS Go you get five presets to play with – 355, 375, 390, 405, and 420°F or 180, 190, 199, 207, and 215°C.

While we much prefer full temperature control, 5 settings is quite a pretty good amount of wiggle room to play with and we were content with the settings.

However, for a budget unit we still think the Utillian 420 has the best range of temperatures available, not to mention a digital display.

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer mouth piece

Vapor Quality

For its price, we’re satisfied. It’s certainly far from something like the Zeus Arc and Crafty+, but at its price point, it does okay! Though it says hybrid heating, we’re willing to say the vast majority of its heating is conduction.

Vapor production is alright, taste is okay, and overall it performs just fine. Not quite satisfying for experienced users, but it’ll get beginners where they need to be. But it could benefit from a glass mouthpiece like we find in the Utillian 721

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer front display

Manufacturing Quality

AirVape has made some pretty sleek and nice devices. The Airvape XS Go isn’t quite up to par with their other units as far as construction materials, but the integrated stir tool is a nice feature and overall you can tell there was some good designing involved with the device.

Included in the box is a pretty decent kit consisting of the device itself, USB charger, cleaning tool, packing tool, replacement screen, and user manual. Considering the price of the device, we have no complaints with what’s included.

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer usbBattery Life

A 1200mAh proprietary cell fuels this device. We love how the battery is, in fact, removable, however, it’s not a common form factor at all and you just have to hope Airvape continues to make the battery or you stock up early. Still, better than non-removable!

You can expect around 4 sessions or so with this amount of juice. This is pretty standard for dry herb units and really does not offer much advantage in this category, unlike the Zeus Arc GT which features a higher quality battery Nothing groundbreaking by any means, but we’re satisfied considering the puny size of the device. It’ll charge up in 45 minutes or so and even features pass-through charging!

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer front display


As the name may suggest, it’s pretty tiny! Not quite as thin as the Airvape X, but rather short and stout.

It’ll fit pretty well in almost any pocket or bag and you may even forget it’s there as it only weighs 56 grams (2oz)! Certainly one of the more portable dry herb vapes on the market. You could also have a look at the Dynavap M for its affordability and on-demand heating system.

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer heating chamber

Ease of Use

It’s pretty ergonomic and simple to use. Single-button operation, no complicated draw technique or software settings, just a beginner-friendly herb vape.  Sharing with friends and strangers won’t be a problem, though the bowl size may not be great for group sessions.

Cleaning is quite simple as removing the mouthpiece and letting it sit in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes will have it cleaned up quite well. A cotton swab soaked in iso will make quick work of any residue in the chamber. The Firefly 2+ is another great option, if you are looking for something that provides easy heating and quick hits are extremely easy to have while on the go, so do check that out too!

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer in hand


It’s so tiny! Easily concealed in the hand and hidden from sight, its stout size makes it ideal for palming and hiding in most any situation.

Using it won’t gather much attention at all and most will dismiss it as a normal e-cig. Do be conscious of the odor it’ll put out, however! Try checking out the DaVinci Miqro if you’re into a more smaller design aesthetic of choice.

Airvape XS Go Vaporizer full kitOverall Experience

What can we say about the Airvape XS Go? On the positive side, it’s extremely light, very small, and does feature a removable battery! On the negative side, the removable battery is proprietary, there is a lot of plastic in the construction, and the vapor path is quite short. The vapor quality is about what you’d expect at this price point, but could certainly use a glass mouthpiece instead like we’ve seen on other budget units from Utillian.

If the size of the Airvape XS Go is what piqued your interest but you are looking for a bit more oomph and flavor to your vapor, be sure to check out the Zeus Arc, one of the most powerful portable units on the market.

If you have questions about our Airvape XS Go Vaporizer review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

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  1. Avatar for Austin
    Austin on

    I really like the design and like everything about my Airvape XS GO other than I’m constantly having to clean the screen that placed inside the mouthpiece which is very difficult. Also, a little issue with the battery as it lasts for a 4-5 sessions only.

  2. Avatar for Salamander
    Salamander on

    It is a really good-looking device, I mean it is portable and sleek and looks like another mini-weapon from a spy movie. It is also really easy to use. I have just started vaping myself and this is really a great device to kick things off. Plus, it charges fast and is pocket-size, which is really great for me as I enjoy going to parties, or going around places. This is a really convenient vape for me and the affordable price just sealed my decision to buy it.

  3. Avatar for Kim
    Kim on

    It looked so great and I loved the design of it, fits comfortably in my pocket and feels nice in my hands. It worked well early but after sometime, it tasted and smell like burned rubber and I have also cleaned it with the cleaning solution and also tried all the good ideas from different websites!! And still it taste really bad and I think it is because they have used bad and unhealthy plastic !

  4. Avatar for Lotus
    Lotus on

    This device is really great in performance and heats up really fast! It can be charged within 45 minutes, which is pretty decent and fast for a budget and portable vape, but it drains faster than I expected. Well, it charges fast but I do not want to keep charging my device every once in a while. The replaceable battery was a big help in this. So far, it is manageable. Setting the battery aside, I feel this is a good and decent budget vape.

  5. Avatar for Aarre
    Aarre on

    This device is stealthy and oh soo good-looking. I mean if I was to rate portable vapes simply by how they look, then this one is at the top portion of the list. The airvape Xs Go looks so sophisticated and sleek. It is so small so it definitely fits comfortably in your pocket and hands but about the vapor quality all I would say that this vape has a good potential, if only the flavor and vapor quality were raised several notches higher.

  6. Avatar for Kim
    Kim on

    What a nice surprise! I got the vape two days ago and fired it up. The draw was sooooo easy compared to the Pulsar vape that I previously had! And I got BIG clouds of smoke, which is so satisfying. The device is really light but sturdy. It looks good, feels good in the hand and the draw is cool. I’ve been heating at 405 and it works just fine. It heats really fast and I’m lovin’ it.

  7. Avatar for Zander
    Zander on

    Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much when I bought it, it is cheaper than most vapes but it does pack up a punch. It produces good, dense clouds which I really look for in a device. Vapor quality is also decent, No kidding though, this is a great vape. It is portable, very cute and comes out ready. This is good for your pocket, so no worries, and it is very fast in heat up time but battery life could be improved as it take a life to charge.

  8. Avatar for Roger
    Roger on

    What a nice surprise! I got the vape two days ago and fired it up. The draw is sooooo easy compared to the Pulsar vapes that I previously had! And I got BIG clouds of smoke, which is so satisfying. The unit is very light but sturdy. It looks good and also feels good in my hands and the vapors are cool as well. I’ve been heating at 215C which is the highest setting and it works just fine. It heats really fast and I’m lovin’ it.

  9. Avatar for Ambrosia
    Ambrosia on

    My pulsar apx gave out after 1 yr it worked well until the button started to screw up. And when it turn on went into shut down. So looked into others and bought this one. Compared to this 1 apx had an extra min to vape but at times was high maintenance. Have this 1 for 2 days now and very pleased could have better instructions on how to clean but was easy to figure out. Draws good with the top air vent to let more air flow temp 405 to me is the best. Mouth piece gets a little warm but so do the others.

  10. Avatar for Sunny
    Sunny on

    All that I was looking for in a budget vape and more, I found in the Airvape Xs Go! I am a happy owner and have no problems showing it off. People would be shocked to learn about its price because it doesn’t look like a budget vape. Goes to show the makers didn’t really skimp on the design and function. This is a good device to have, very portable, very comfortable and it feels as though my hand has a good grip on it. Hands down to its speed as well! In terms of charging time and heating time, this portable vape outruns so many expensive vapes. Also very easy to use and to maintain.

  11. Avatar for Jethro
    Jethro on

    This is my first time trying vaping at all. I like the AirVape Xs Go cuz it’s fool proof and it has the versatility to adjust the temp. for different types of herbs. As for the draw it’s not at bad as you may think, with slow steady draw you can get some large hits. Very nice and cool. Also easy to use, charges fast and easy to clean.

  12. Avatar for Huge
    Huge on

    Purchased the Airvape XS Go last month because it was looking pretty good for the travelling purpose and very discreet. But when I received it, I realized that its battery life is very short and i am unable to get more than few session in a day without charging it which is very inconvenient. Other than this issue, the vape is fine.

  13. Avatar for Borjan
    Borjan on

    Have had this for a couple of weeks now and am very happy with this purchase. Great flavor, nice clouds, easy to use, and feels fantastic in your hands. But I have some issues it comes with a built-in battery, so when it finally kicks, I will have to get a whole other vape and also the chamber size is not big enough.

  14. Avatar for rio
    rio on

    This was my second attempt to find a portable vape that is even close to as good as the Mighty vapor-quality-wise but easier to clean – I love the Mighty except for taking it apart and cleaning it and putting it all back together again but from from this vape I tried everything, I felt like I got hardly any vapor, yet the flavor was as if the temperature was too strong, in other words not terribly pleasant, I don’t understand how it got the decent vapor quality rating

  15. Avatar for Bamaro
    Bamaro on

    Its a nice unit but the battery is not replaceable. Its very hard to get to, its soldered in place and replacements can not be found anywhere.

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