Utillian 420 with stones and feathers

Utillian 420


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Utillian 420 with stones and feathers

Utillian 420


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For The Economical Connoisseur

A glass mouthpiece, digital display, all ceramic heating chamber, USB charging and a compact design are just a few things that make the Utillian 420 the best vaporizer on a budget.

Black Utillian 420 vaporizer
Utillian 420 Vaporizer Colors


Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum

Temperature Settings

190°C | 200C | 210 C | 220C

Battery Capacity

1600mah Lithium Polymer

Available Colours

black color swatch
silver color swatch
titanium color swatch




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Low Cost, High Performance

Providing users with quality components and great vapor quality at a convenient price.

Utillian 420 with high end silver watch

Customer Reviews

“I was looking for my first vaporizer and did not want to spend too much money right away, I came across the Utillian 420, which fit my budget, and for the price I could not find another vape that had both a glass mouthpiece and a digital display! Vapor quality is great for a starter unit and now I’m hooked on vaping!” - Leslie K

“I had a Pulsar APX first, but I never liked the flavor. Then I found the 420 and wow, for the price this unit is a huge step up. I love the flavor I get from the glass mouthpiece, way better than the APX!” - Ben W

“I just wanted a back-up vaporizer in-case my main unit stops working, I figured for the price, why not? The 420 is a surprisingly good unit considering the cost of the unit, the digital display is great, especially for checking battery life and the glass mouthpiece gives nice smooth vapor.” - Tom H

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