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Kandypens Galaxy

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The Galaxy is a pen-style wax vaporizer from KandyPens. The unit features a 1 button design, 3 heat settings and titanium wrapped quartz coils to provide smooth and flavourful vapor for concentrates.

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Performance Specs
  • 8.2
    Vapor Quality
    Vapor Quality
  • 7.5
    Manufacturing Quality
    Manufacturing Quality
  • 6.0
    Temperature Flexibility
    Temperature Flexibility
  • 8.0
  • 8.0
  • 6.0
  • 6.0
    Battery Life
    Battery Life
Overall Score 7.2
Technical Specs
  • Manufacturer
  • Origins
  • Battery Life
    1 Hour
  • Heat time
    3 – 8 Seconds
  • Heat style
    Titanium wrapped Quartz Coil
  • Compatibility
  • Warranty
    Lifetime Warranty on the battery through KandyPens
  • Versions
    07/2016 (Current)
  • Materials
    Titanium wrapped Quartz Coil
    Titanium shell
  • Key Features
    Titanium wrapped Quartz Coil
    Easy to use

How to

How to
How to use

How it Works KandyPens Galaxy

Let’s have a look at the KandyPens Galaxy. This unit is designed for waxes and concentrates and features a dual quartz rod atomizer and 3 temperature settings to provide satisfying vapor.


Inside the box you’ll find:


-          1 KandyPens battery

-          1 Dual quartz Atomizer

-          1 Mouthpiece

-          1 USB Charger

-          1 wax applicator




The first thing you’ll want to do with the wax pen is sterilize it. To do that, press the power button on the battery 5 times quickly to unlock o n the unit. Then press and hold the power button to begin heating the atomizer. After about 10 seconds the unit will stop heating to save battery life and to ensure the unit doesn’t over heat. Repeat this process 2 more times, this will get rid of any of the manufacturing oils that may have gotten inside the unit as a result of putting it together.


Get started


Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to load your unit with your choice of wax or concentrate.


Unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. With the wax applicator place your concentrate directly on the coil, be careful not to touch the coils with the applicator as it may damage them. Once loaded, screw the mouthpiece back on and you’re ready to vaporize!




The KandyPens Galaxy has 3 pre-set temperature settings as indicated by the color of the LED logo on the power button. The temperature can be toggled by pressing the power button 3 times. Red is the lowest temperature setting and will provide the best flavor, green is the medium temperature setting and blue is the highest temperature setting and will provide the largest clouds.




To wrap this unit up, I’d like to tell you about some of the key features of the Kandypens Galaxy that make it such a great wax pen.


(Dual Quartz Atomizer)

The first is the Kandypens Galaxy’s dual quartz atomizer. This is style of atomizer that is very popular in the wax pen world for its ability to maintain flavour while produces nice clouds of vapor.


( Vapor Quality )

The second is the Kandypens Galaxy’s temperature flexibility. The Galaxy provides you with 3 temperature ranges to fine tune your session. The lower temperature setting will provide smooth flavorful vapor while the highest heat setting will generate satisfying cloud production. How you enjoy your vapor is purely up to you.


( Ease of Use)

The third is the Galaxy’s simplicity. This unit only has 1 button which makes operating the device very user friendly, just 5 clicks to turn the unit on, 3 to toggle between temperature and press and hold to heat, it’s that easy.


The Kandypens Galaxy is a great unit for those looking for a high-value wax pen that’s easy to use and offers exceptional vapor every time.


I’m Kevin for TVape TV. We hope you enjoyed this video and for all you connoisseurs out there, keep vapin!







One pen to rule them all

Review by elKusho

On 4/28/2017

Kandypens absolutely smashes it with this product. Easy to use, clean and charge. Very sexy and convenient when out and about. TVAPE hooked me up with a phenom discount for 420 and I am beyond stoked to be buying this again in a new colour. Perfect for shatter, wax and rosin (use small amounts).

5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5




Love it!

Review by Sinny

On 3/30/2017

Quality pen when compared to others. The build is top of line and gives off good tasting flavor. It has been my favorite ever since! Would buy again.





Review by Chuck420

On 1/25/2017

The pros: The atomizer has double quartz & titanium coils they work great. The air holes aid in ventilation. I take 6 - 8 second drags, and this gives me a good lung full, decent hit, can be doubled or tripled depending on tolerance and lung capacity. Awesome delivery of botanicals. Good battery life.

The cons: the price is a bit high in my mind. When cleaning the atomizer don't soak longer than 10 minutes in alcohol, the paint-gloss will dissolve.




5/5 Classy Cloudy

Review by Alleyway

On 10/16/2016

Sleek and sexy, this thing hits nice clouds even at its lowest setting. Flavour is incomparable and it's so easy to use! Kanypens is a must for pen users. 5/5





Review by sukhi

On 6/21/2016

i swear like every rap music video is featuring a kandypen these days so I was like fk it it must be OK, so I got one. Its sexy as hell and the gold makes me feel pretty baller. now it is my first wax pen so quality wise I don't have anything to compare to, but it works for me!

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