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This is a replacement filter screen for the Vapman Vaporizer, located just under the middle section of your Vapman. These stainless steel screens can be easily unscrewed and removed for cleaning or replacing. Regular cleaning of screens is recommended to extend their lives, but all should be replaced eventually as well to guarantee optimal vapor quality and freshness. These replacement screens are identical to the original included with the Vapman. Please note that in order to change these screens you will need a tiny screwdriver from a glasses repair kit or one of similar size.


  • Vapman

Package Contents

  • 1 x Filter screen

How To Clean

  1. Unscrew the screen from the middle section of the Vapman, ensuring you do not loose the tiny screws in the process
  2. Allow the screen ( and screws ) to soak in diluted ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution for about 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water, then allow the screen ( and screws ) to dry before replacing.

With regular use, cleaning your screen once every 1-2 weeks is recommended for optimal airflow and vapor freshnessh

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