E-liquid Cartridge - V2 Pro Series 7


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This product is a replacement or spare e-liquid cartridge for the V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer, identical to the one which comes installed in your unit. This cartridge is best used with e-liquid and uses ‘Smart Technology’ to vaporize at the optimal temperature. If you have used up, broke or lost your original e-liquid cartridge, this is the one you need to get back to vaping!  Features of this cartridge include:

  • Double wick system
  • Durable, hard plastic mouthpiece
  • Hard, glass shell with stainless steel trim
  • 2.4 ml capacity
  • 10 second cut-off time


-        V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

Package Contents

-        1x e-liquid cartridge

-        1x User manual

How to Use

  1. Twist off mouthpiece from the cartridge and unscrew the cartridge cap.
  2. Drip e-liquid into the clear chamber onto the wicks.
  3. Hold the cartridge at a slight angle when filling to prevent e-liquid from entering the center cylinder and do not overfill
  4. Replace the cartridge cap & mouthpiece
  5. Insert the cartridge into the Series 7 Cartridge chamber
  6. Make sure the Series 7 is unlocked; press the activation button 3 times quickly
  7. Press the activation button while taking draws
  8. If the button is pressed for longer than 10 seconds at a time, the LED lights with flash and the unit will shut off to prevent accidental over-activation
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