Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Showdown


Today we have an excellent showdown for you from two of the newest entries to the world of vaporizers. The Ghost MV1 was launched late 2017, sporting an original look and unique crucible loading system. The Zeus Arc was launched in November 2018 and is much smaller than its competitor offering an all gold-vapor path and some seriously impressive vapor for a unit this small. So let’s jump right in and see how these 2 stack up.

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 mouth pieceVapor Quality

When it comes to vapor quality the Ghost MV1, this unit is known for producing very nice and flavorful vapor. The device features on demand convection heating allowing you to take draws at whim.

Vapor, especially at the high end of the temperature spectrum is dense, while remaining smooth thanks to the glass mouthpiece and convection heating method.

The Zeus Arc is no slouch in the vapor department either. The Zeus Arc uses conduction heating, but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the richness and density of the vapor it can produce. Vapor from the Zeus Arc is seriously impressive considering the size of the device.

The Zeus Arc has the help of an all-gold vapor path which can quickly transfer heat to your plants and just as quickly remove the heat in the gold heatsink located in the mouthpiece. This results in some seriously visible vapor while remaining smooth and flavorful.

Both these units excel in the vapor department so it is hard to determine a winner. The Zeus Arc pumps out the vapor in such a tiny chassis, while the Ghost MV1 offers on-demand vapor. This section is definitely a tie.

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 front displayManufacturing Quality

The Ghost MV1 has some solid manufacturing behind it, featuring a plethora of components designed specifically for this unit. You won’t find many if any off the shelf parts in this vaporizer.

This is both a blessing and a curse as the crucible system is the main hiccup of the Ghost MV1, which results in difficult loads and creates an issue when trying to do back to back sessions.

Where the Ghost MV1 shines is its on-demand convection nature, which allows you to take a draw from the Ghost MV1 in just 5 seconds.

The Zeus Arc is also made with the utmost quality. Zeus packs a ton of horsepower in the tiny chassis of the Zeus Arc.

The all gold vapor path speaks for itself in terms of quality, offering impressive clouds of vapor while remaining smooth and easy to draw from.

The Zeus Arc has an accelerometer to sense users draws and haptic feedback to let you know when the device is ready to be used. It also features a multi-tool which is cleverly magnetized to the bottom of the Zeus Arc, ready to be used whenever you need a quick stir or to empty out your bowl.

The size of the device is seriously impressive and the vapor production really puts this unit over the top.

At the end of the day both units are extremely well made, so we have to chalk this up as a tie.

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 in handEase of Use

The Ghost MV1 has a bit of learning curve to it when you first begin to use it. Because the device is on demand, it takes a bit of practice to understand how long to draw for and how hard to draw.

The Ghost MV1 also features one button but has several temperature settings you can access through specific clicking patterns.

It also has a Bluetooth app that allows further customization but also adds a layer of complexity to the device.

The crucible can be a serious pain in the ass to load and is very hot after your session and must be allowed to cool before you can pack it again.

The Zeus Arc is much more straightforward when it comes to operation. It features a scoop near the heating chamber to help load your herbs which makes loading the device a breeze.

Once the chamber is packed, simply turn on the Zeus Arc and press the power button to toggle between the 3 temperature settings. Once the device has heated and the light is green you can begin taking draws from the Arc.

There really is no special draw technique needed and the Zeus Arc is capable of producing vapor with either long or short draws.

When it comes to ease of use, the Zeus Arc is hands down the easier of the 2 devices to use, offering a hassle-free session right out of the box.

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 with armor casePortability

The Ghost MV1 is a bit of a monster when it comes to size, reminding us more of units like the Mighty when it comes to sheer size.

You are going to have a difficult time pocketing this vape on the go and will require you carry it in a bag.

The Zeus Arc is a much smaller unit measuring at just 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm. This unit is very pocket-friendly and easy to carry around whenever you feel the need.

When it comes to portability, the Zeus Arc wins easily.

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 batteryBattery Life

When it comes to battery life both take different approaches. The Ghost MV1 features a large 2700mah removable battery which gives it about 50 draws per charge. On average we found the Ghost MV1 lasting roughly an hour of battery life, but it does have a removable battery which can be swapped.

What is more worrisome is the charge time on the Ghost MV1 which can take up to 8 hours if just charging with micro USB. If you are using the separate charging dock batteries will charge in 2 hours.

The Zeus Arc features an internal 3500mah battery, which is impressive considering how large the Ghost MV1’s battery is yet it is only 2700mah. The Zeus Arc will last users 90 minutes on a single charge and to charge you Zeus Arc fully only requires a 2-hour charge.

Although the MV1 does allow you to swap batteries on the fly, we have to give this section to the Zeus Arc for its much more immediate attention to battery life. Offering 90 minutes of battery life in a smaller device is an impressive feat.

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Ghost MV1 has 3 pre-set temperatures, Low – 171C Med – 185C High – 199C. While these are decent pre-sets they are a bit on the low side for most people.

These presets can be adjusted via a Bluetooth app and set anywhere between 149C to 243C.

The Zeus Arc has 3 pre-set temperatures which are on the higher end of the temperature spectrum, 205C, 215C, 225C. As of right now, the Arc has no way of adjusting these pre-set temperatures, however, Zeus told us that it will be possible in future updates to swap the firmware for lower temperature options.

For now, the Ghost MV1 is the victor in this category as the device can be set to whichever temperature you like via the app.



Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 in handDiscreetness

The Zeus Arc is much more discreet than the Ghost MV1 based on the sheer size of the MV1. You are going to be hard pressed getting in a quick hit without anyone noticing the large alien-like device in your hands. And forget pocketing the Ghost MV1 quickly because of its size, unless you’re still rocking baggy Ecco pants.

The Zeus Arc is much sleeker and to the unassuming eye appears more like a portable charger then a vaporizer. The Arc is super simple to pocket because of its size so it is easy to keep out of site.

Zeus Arc vs Ghost MV1 winnerSHOWDOWN

The Ghost MV1 is a really great vaporizer and offering on-demand convection heating is impressive. However, it is not as impressive as the power the Zeus Arc houses in its tiny chassis, offering great vapor quality and battery life at a fraction of the size.

The gold vapor path is a great addition and a first in the vaporizer industry, producing great vapor as well as preserving flavor. If you think the Zeus Arc is the unit for you be sure to pick one of up from our store.

If you want another comparison check out our showdown of the Zeus Arc vs Mighty.


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