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The Vaporesso Veco Solo is an all-in-one, pen-style starter vape with a 1500mAh internal battery. The kit comes in four funky designs and includes two sub-ohm coil options. If you are looking for something small and portable, this is worth checking out. Also be sure to check our vape buyer’s guides for important information to consider before making your first purchase.

Review: Vaporesso Veco Solo

Vaporesso Veco Solo Review

Vaporesso Veco Solo with tank detached

Manufacturing Quality

My first impression of the Vaporesso Veco Solo was that it was nearly identical to the Veco One. After using it and going through all the features, I’m now pretty sure that the only difference between the two are the exterior color/design options and the fact that one of the included coil options changed. Other than that, I think this is essentially the same kit.

This means you are getting an extremely easy to use vape with an internal battery and a tank that can’t be swapped out. So it isn’t the most versatile vape in the world, but you at least get multiple coil options. This uses Vaporesso’s EUC coil system, which means the coils slide into place without threading.

The first included coil has a 0.2ohm resistance and is a standard EUC coil. The second has a 0.3ohm resistance and uses ceramic for the wicking material. If you’ve been using big box mods with 510 carts it may be time to look for something smaller, most vapers tend to start with Linx Hermes 3 for their oil because it is much more compact than a mod.
Vaporesso Veco Solo Color Selection

One thing you’ll definitely notice when looking at the Veco Solo is that the design options are relatively unique. There are four total, two of which that have an orange splash that reminds me of Nickelodeon’s orange slime splat. The background colors for these options are black or silver/chrome. There is also a metallic rainbow color, and one that is a baby blue with orange accents. That one is the only “normal” looking option.

All in all, this is a very basic starter vape. For the size, the battery capacity (1500mAh) is excellent though. The whole thing can be wrapped up inside your hand and completely concealed, after all.

Vaporesso Veco Solo Mouthpiece

Flavor Quality

The vapor this produces is good. I tried both coils and enjoyed the performance with both. I thought the flavor was a little better with the ceramic options, but the differences really weren’t that significant. You can expect good flavor and above average vapor production (for a small pen vape) with either option.

The vapor production is a lot better with a full charge. As the battery depletes, so does the amount of volts that this delivers.

One simple thing that I think could have added a lot of enjoyment to some people’s experience is airflow adjustment. I typically leave it wide open anyway, but there really isn’t any good reason for not including this as an option these days.

Vaporesso Veco Solo Power ButtonPower Flexibility

There is no power flexibility with this at all. There is only one button on the vape, and all it can do is turn it on or off and engage the coils. The voltage output will vary depending on the charge state of the battery, so you don’t want to let it get too depleted before charging. If you are looking for a 510-thread battery for oil cartridges we suggest checking out the Tronian Nutron.

You do get a little bit of control thanks to the coil options though. As you adjust the resistance you use with the same voltage output, you get a different wattage. This is just due to the laws of electricity though, not flexibility that was actually built into the vape!
Vaporesso Veco Solo Tank with top removed

 Filling Vaporesso Veco Solo Ease of Use

This is very easy to use. As I mentioned above, there is just one button on the entire vape. Click it five times to turn it on or off, and click and hold the button to fire the coils. The tank fills from the top, but you have to unscrew the top cap to access the actual juice chamber to fill it.

To change your coil, simply unscrew the entire tank and remove the old coil. Place the new one onto the battery side – not inside the tank part – then replace everything else back on top.  

Vaporesso Veco Solo with Armor Case


The portability of this is very good. The entire setup is extremely small and can be carried comfortably pretty much anywhere. Put it in your pocket, a bag, or whatever you have handy. I have had zero problems with leaking while testing it, which is extremely important if you plan on carrying it with you places.

The battery is also better than most small AIO vapes like this. It’s not really enough to last through a whole day of consistent vaping, but it’s plenty for a night out or a trip to the store.
Vaporesso Veco Solo Tank

Vaporesso Veco Solo Full Kit

Overall Experience

The Vaporesso Veco Solo is a pretty good option as far as AIO, pen-style vapes go.

Its main strengths are the tiny size and the above average battery life for that size. I also like that you get multiple sub-ohm coil options. A lot of vapes like this don’t offer you any versatility at all in this department.

The limitations are obviously the lack of power flexibility and the fact that you can’t swap out the tank, but this is the nature of getting something so small and cheap.

I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who is looking for something to use all day, but it’s not a bad option if you want something to experiment with before you fully dive into vaping.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the Kandypens Rubi and if you are looking for a mod style kit to start with we recommend the Vaporesso Revenger.

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