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It’ been a long time coming and it looks like that time has finally come, Kanger has finally released its own version of a portable pod-style device that does mouth-to-lung. Shaped into the form of a stealthy submarine, the Kanger UBOAT is here to make waves with its 550mAh battery, a pod tank that can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, and a ceramic coil system that’s rated for 1.5-ohms. It’s an extremely portable little kit, but one that doesn’t come with its own set of drawbacks.

Let’s check out the details of the Kanger UBOAT and see what it has to offer. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Kanger UBOAT

Kanger UBOAT Review

Kanger UBOAT front display

Manufacturing Quality

Just like it’s namesake, the Kanger UBOAT exemplifies stealth with its matte black finish and smoothly contoured form factor. The mod does make use of a slightly textured surface giving you a potentially better grip which is appreciated.

The entire kit is comprised of 2 main parts; the body of the mod which holds the 550mAh battery, and the detachable refillable pod system that holds up to 2ml of e-liquid. The pod uses a rubber stopper to keep e-liquid in.

While the stopper isn’t affixed to the mod and therefore can be easily lost or misplaced, the kit does come with quite a few of these stoppers just in case you do end up losing the first one so kudos to Kanger for properly giving thought in that regard.

There aren’t any buttons to be found on the Kanger UBOAT which is due to its air-activated design, making swift and convenient operation a reality for beginners especially. The mouthpiece feels quite comfortable to use, especially when paired with the exceptional hand feel of the device.


Kanger UBOAT partsThe bottom of the mod is where you’ll find the proprietary charging port of the Kanger UBOAT so just keep in mind that you won’t be able to use standard micro USB cables to charge up this kit. Also, it’s important to not lose the proprietary charger as the kit only comes with one.

If you’ve been using big box mods with 510 carts it may be time to look for something smaller, most vapers tend to start with Tronian Nutron for their oil because its much more compact than a mod. 

Kanger UBOAT mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Thanks to the ceramic coils that the Kanger UBOAT uses, flavor on this little pod-style device is quite exceptional, especially when compared to its direct competitors such as the Pax Juul. Flavors don’t feel as muted in comparison.

The Kanger UBOAT also uses refillable pods, meaning that you have more freedom when it comes to vaping your preferred e-liquids, which is something that you can’t do when vaping on the Juul. Just keep in mind that the pods don’t come pre-filled so you’re going to need some e-liquid on hand before purchasing the Kanger UBOAT.

The Kanger UBOAT has a very small output so it works best when vaped with e-liquids that have a higher nicotine content. I’ve found that the mod performs well using a 20mg/ml strength e-liquid but of course, this is mostly left up to preference so it’s best to test out a few choice e-liquids of varying strengths before committing to an entire bottle.

Kanger UBOAT power controlPower Flexibility

The Kanger UBOAT works directly off a direct voltage supplied by the internal battery meaning that it works best on a full charge. As battery levels dwindle, expect vaping output to taper off as well. Naturally, the Kanger UBOAT doesn’t support variable wattage or temperature control.

Depending on how intense you like your vape to be, various levels of nicotine strength can be used with the pod if you’re looking to change things up every now and then.

Like most regulated devices, the Kanger UBOAT also comes with the safe electrical fail-safes that prevent the internal battery from experiencing excessive charging or discharging. A safety feature that shuts the mod off when internal temperatures get too hot and overall makes the entire kit very safe to use and beginner friendly. Users who are interested in 510 thread cartridges for oil often prefer the Linx Hermes 3.

Kanger UBOAT flat dsiplay

Kanger UBOAT heating chamberEase of Use

Thanks to the air-activated design, operating the Kanger UBOAT feels like second nature. The mod automatically fires when taking a puff from the ergonomic mouthpiece making every vaping session hassle-free. What isn’t as convenient though, are certain design decisions that get in the way of making this device a top-notch kit.

For starters, the material used to cover the pods could stand to be a bit more see-through because as they currently are, it can be a bit difficult to see inside the pod and get a proper gauge on how much e-liquid is actually left. Another annoying quirk is that the fill hole where e-liquid goes is too small.

If your e-liquid uses the typical glass or plastic dropper, you’re going to have problems dripping that e-liquid into the pod. Needle nose drippers or bottles are what work best with this kit, but unfortunately, Kanger doesn’t provide one. Lastly, it would’ve been preferable for Kanger to drop the proprietary charger altogether and opt for micro USB.

Kanger UBOAT with armor case


While the Kanger UBOAT isn’t as tiny as the Pax Juul, it’s still plenty portable. The smooth curves on the mod allow it to slip into any pocket or bag with ease. Another advantage that the Kanger UBOAT holds over its competitor is the significantly larger internal battery it holds. Rated at 550mAh, it has more than twice the battery life of the Juul, allowing it to easily provide an entire days worth of vaping and then some.

While the proprietary charger might be a negative for many vapers, it doesn’t come without its advantages. It’s a lot more durable than the generic micro USB ports that many portable kits use, meaning that unlike other mods, the charging port won’t loosen over time and you’ll always be guaranteed a firm and secure connection.

Kanger UBOAT mouth piece detached

Kanger UBOAT full kit

Overall Experience

The Kanger UBOAT has lots of good things going its way. The smooth streamlined shape paired with the matte black finish make it a perfect stealth vape for the more discreet vapers out there. It’s easy to use thanks to the fact that its air activated just like the Juul.

If you’re willing to overlook some niggling flaws such as the tiny fill port and hard to see through pod, the Kanger UBOAT should easily satisfy your vape cravings with its excellent and consistent vaping performance.

However, overall we tend to like the Kandypens Rubi SMOK Procolor.

7.3 Good
  • 7.3

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