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Are you new to vaping or have been using a pen vape but are looking for something a little more powerful? If you are just getting in to mod vaping we have an awesome starter kit that is geared specifically for new mod vape users, the Kanger Subox Mini-C. This device is simple and to the point without any flashy bells or whistles for a frustration free vaping experience.

Review: Kanger Subox Mini-C Review

Kanger Subox Mini C

Manufacturing Quality Of Kanger Subox Mini C

Manufacturing Quality

This unit is made by vaping giants Kanger, a company that is known throughout the vaping community for their solidly constructed products.

The Subox Mini-C may be an introductory unit but a lot of love and care went into the manufacturing of this unit and it shows. The mod is simple and sleek and resembles their traditional K-Box found in their Top Box starter kit.

The display is bright and easy to read and the function buttons are responsive and feel proper when pressed. We should note that unlike the other Kanger K-Box mods, this mod does not have temperature control or any other special settings, it is simply a variable wattage mod that fires up to 50W of power. If you are someone who also uses 510 oil cartridges and other vapers have reported Tronian Pitron is a good place to start.

Kanger has included their new Pro Tank 5 with the Kanger Subox Mini-C, which features a thread-less design for removing the top and bottom of the tank. This makes filling your tank and accessing the coil much easier than most tanks which require you to unscrew pieces in order to dismantle the tank.


The Protank 5 uses O-Ring seals instead of threading which allows the user to pull off the top and bottom rather than dealing with threads. While this is a very simple way to setup a tank and alleviates issues with threading we do fear that o-ring will eventually become compromised and need replacing or else your juice may begin to leak.

Users who are interested in 510 thread cartridges for oil often prefer the Tronian Tautron.

But for a starter unit this is an excellent tank and a better offering than most other starter units in this price range. We should also note that this kit only comes with 1 coil, so you may want to pick up extra when you get it as the coil will only last 1 – 2 weeks.

Flavor Quality Of Kanger Subox Mini-C

Flavor Quality

The quality of flavor from Kanger products has always been top tiered and the Subox-C is no exception. The ProTank 5 and included coil does a great job at preserving the flavor of your juice without any influences from the cotton, coil or tank itself.

The only real issue with this unit is the lack of other modes that help improve flavor quality like temperature control. Temperature control helps preserve your coil by not allowing it to exceed a set temperature, without this feature there is a strong chance you can burn your coil out over time.

This will result in muted flavors and then eventually will taste burnt. The only way to combat this is to use your unit at a lower wattage so it does not degrade the coil faster or to be diligent and change your coil every 2 weeks or so.

Power Flexibility Of Kanger Subox Mini CPower Flexibility

As we mentioned, this unit offers users up to 50 watts of power which is perfect for the aspiring mod vaper. It gives you enough room to work with without going into the extremes. The kit comes with a .5 ohm coil which is great for achieving clouds right out of the box. With this coil you will want to be in a wattage range of about 20 – 30 watts.

So while the device gives you up to 50 watts of power you will rarely be getting anywhere close to max wattage with the included coil. This device reads coils down to .3ohms so if you do wish to chase bigger clouds and user higher wattages you can certainly buy a set of coils that will allow you to use the unit up to the max.


Ease Use Of  Kanger Subox MiniEase of Use

Simplicity is the name of the game with the Subox Mini-C, after all it is designed as an introductory unit. The ProTank 5 is very easy to assemble and disassemble making cleaning, maintenance, and swapping coils a breeze. The unit features a top filling system that allows you to remove the top to fill juice on the fly with the tank still attached to the mod.

As we mentioned the mod is basically as straight forward as you can get. It has 1 mode and 1 mode only, variable wattage. The unit will simply read the ohm from the attached coil and then you set your wattage accordingly.

One thing we have to applaud Kanger for with this unit is the user manual. The one included with Subox Mini-C is one of the most comprehensive we have seen for a vape and explains everything is fairly plain English. This means if you are new and lost, chances are this manual will have the answer you are looking for, which cannot be said for many vape manuals nowadays.

Portability Of Kanger Subox Mini-CPortability

This unit is roughly the same size as the original Kanger Subox Mini making it perfectly portable for a day out. It will fit easily in a pocket or pursed to be stowed away until it is needed. The tank has a 3ML capacity which should be more than enough for a new user for a days worth of vaping.

The top fill system of the ProTank 5 really helps in the portability department allowing you to easily fill your tank on the fly without getting messy or juggling too many parts.


Overall Experience Of Kanger Subox Mini COverall Experience

If you are ready to take off the training wheels and make the first step into the mod vape world we cannot recommend the Kanger Subox Mini-C enough.

It is an excellent introductory unit and will amplify your vaping experience with its 50W of power. This device is really straight forward and does away with all the frills that other units have packed into it.

What is left is a device that simply works and works how it should without you having to spend hours on the internet learning about different settings. Just open the box, fill, and vape, it really is that simple.

If you feel you are ready to skip over starter units and move right to the big boys be sure to check out the Coolfire IV 100w, this thing blows big clouds.

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    Just bought it. I’m really happy so far but i’m a new vaper. But as i understand it is not a products for the pros. I expected more thick clouds but i think it’s not a product that will make them and it’S more for the regular smoker.

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