Joyetech Exceed Box Kit Review – Built to Exceed?


It doesn’t look like Joyetech is letting up anytime soon when it comes to innovations within the vaping space as they release another revision on a popular and well-reviewed kit. The Joyetech Exceed Box with D22C can be hailed as the successor to the Exceed D19 kit. Sporting improved features such as a respectable 3000mAh battery, easy to use and maintain D22C tank, and options for the end user to vape in direct lung or mouth to lung mode. It seems to be the device to beat as far as powerful budget devices are concerned. Let’s dive down and give you a closer look into its inner workings.

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Review: Joyetech Exceed Box

Joyetech Exceed Box Review

Joyetech Exceed Box front profile

Manufacturing Quality

I honestly can’t recall the last time Joyetech released a device offering poor build quality and I’m glad to report that the status quo applies here. The Joyetech Exceed Box is built like a tank, offering solid construction all throughout the device without any rattle. Everything from the finish of the device to the minuscule parts such as the firing button gives off a sense of overall sturdiness.

Available in a generous number of colorways to choose from, the black finish which evokes a deep satiny black color tickles my sense of sight just right. Of course this mostly up to personal preference, so it’s natural that the Joyetech Exceed Box is also available in a black/white gradient, a dark orange, a brushed silver, and last but not least a clean and minimalist looking pure white finish.

While I can’t identify by touch or sight the exact process Joyetech used to finish the Exceed Box, the paint job seems to be very durable, not easily flaking or chipping even when exposed to everyday wear and tear.

On the narrow end of the device, you’ll find the solitary button used to fire the Joyetech Exceed Box and control all its other functions and vaping modes. The button evokes a good sense of tactility and response through its clickiness which is something we all want from our mods. Looking at the wide end of the mod, you can find the micro USB charging port used to charge the 3000mAh battery internally.

Unfortunately, the Joyetech Exceed Box only charges at a maximum rate of 1 amp. While this doesn’t mean that the device takes a long time to fully charge up, it’s still slightly disappointing when considering that many mods are making 2 amps the new charging rate a standard these days.

Joyetech Exceed Box colorsThe top of the Joyetech Exceed Box features a tastefully designed and well placed LED strip that highlights the upper rim of the mod, acting as an indicator to let you the know when the mod is firing. Even when the LED strip is off, it still acts as pleasant eye candy to the overall aesthetics of the Joyetech Exceed Box.

Directly on the top of the mod is another LED indicator fashioned into the form of segmented bars forming a ring. Used to indicate remaining battery life, the interface is both intuitive and pleasing to look at, easily giving you a general idea of how much charge is left in the Joyetech Exceed Box when in operation.

The spring loaded 510 connection also located up top is machined very well, facilitating a seamless connection with the included D22C tank. There are no gaps between the mod itself and the tank, ensuring a perfect connection between the two.

Looking directly at the bottom of the Joyetech Exceed Box, sufficient battery venting can be spotted which is always a big plus when taking battery safety into consideration.


Joyetech Exceed Box mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The D22C tank comes with a 1.2-ohm mouth to lung coil pre-installed. This can be easily swapped out with the 0.5-ohm direct lung coil depending on your preference. Both coils perform admirably well, outputting a more than average amount of flavor, with the mouth to lung coils offering a more dense and intense vape compared to the direct lung coil.

The direct lung coil in comparison totes increased vapor production with a respectable amount of flavor which is great for vapers into blowing bigger clouds.

The D22C tank sports well designed dual bottom airflow slots with specific air openings for mouth to lung or direct lung mode, giving you a good amount of control over your overall vaping experience. It’s easy to adjust on the fly and makes it simple to get excellent results out of your kit.

Joyetech Exceed Box powerPower Flexibility

Despite not having any variable wattage or temperature control options available, the Joyetech Exceed Box still provides a moderate amount of control of power options to all vapers, beginners and veterans alike. Capable of outputting power in either direct output or constant voltage mode.

Direct output lets the Joyetech Exceed Box essentially function as a mechanical mod, outputting watts based on the current resistance of the coils Meaning if you want a stronger and more intense vape, it would be a good idea to slap on a lower resistance coil into the tank.

Speaking of slapping on new coils, the Joyetech Exceed Box is compatible with atomizers up to 24mm in diameter, Allowing for greater variety in expanding your vaping experience. Screwing an RDA on top of the mod and building your own custom coil will let you further explore the power limitations of the Joyetech Exceed Box making it a great device for both beginners and advanced users at the same time.

Joyetech Exceed Box flat display

Joyetech Exceed Box in handEase of Use

The easy to understand interface provides for easy operation of the kit. 5 clicks to turn the device on or off, while 3 clicks allow you to switch between vaping modes. A white LED indicator means that the Joyetech Exceed Box is currently in direct output mode, while an orange light indicates that the mod is in constant voltage mode.

The D22C tank uses a child-proof top fill mechanism which acts very similarly to how pill bottles are opened. Simply push down on the top cap and screw the cap off to reveal the large fill ports located on top of the tank.

The D22C tank accommodates up to 2ml of e-liquid out of the box, and the kit includes an extender and larger sized Pyrex tank used in tandem to create a maximum e-liquid capacity of 3.5ml.

Joyetech Exceed Box with armor case


While far from being the most compact and portable device in the market today, The Joyetech Exceed Box is still plenty handy.

With a height of 115mm, length of 41mm, and width of 25mm, it can comfortably fit into most medium to large sized pockets.

Battery life isn’t a problem for the most part unless you’re a heavy chain vaper. The 3000mAh battery easily gets most vapers through a day of normal use, and if it doesn’t, the easily accessible micro USB charging port and the included charging cable makes charging the kit a breeze provided you have a powered USB power source on hand.

Joyetech Exceed Box back side

Joyetech Exceed Box full kit

Overall Experience

It’s hard to find fault in Joyetechs latest offering. The more than satisfactory vaping performance coupled with the simple yet striking styling and solid build quality makes the Joyetech Exceed Box kit a great option for almost every type of vaper save for the most seasoned ones. The D22C tank’s ease of operation and maintenance complete the stellar value of this kit and makes it an almost must-buy for anyone who’s a fan of the mods aesthetics.

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