Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Review – The ECO Solution?


It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Joyetech has joined the ultra-portable stealth vape game. The eGo AIO ECO is their latest release touted not just a device for beginners, but as a viable option for vaping aficionados as well. Powered by a tiny and stealthy 650 mAh battery, the eGo AIO ECO vapes at half the voltage most mods operate at to create a long-lasting, yet portable vaping experience. Designed for simple operation and maximum performance, this just might be the kit to get you started on your vaping journey.

Let’s take a closer look at the device and see if it lives up to its promise. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Joyetech eGo AIO ECO

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Review

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO front profile

Manufacturing Quality

With the main body of the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is constructed primarily out of solid stainless steel. The overall feel of the mod is great quite good. Despite not sharing a similar aesthetic to pod system devices such as the Juul or the Rubi, the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO closely mirrors the footprint of these devices.

While the design may not be as appealing to some, you’ll find that the typical tube-style shape of the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO does lend it some advantages that mods such as the Juul don’t have.

Due to it being an ultra-portable type of mod, it’s a given that the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO doesn’t have any sort of display or screen to indicate device status, instead, the mod uses a standard led light located at the base of the tank which lights up whenever the mod is fired. If you’ve been using big box mods with 510 carts it may be time to look for something smaller, most vapers tend to start with Smok Micare for their oil because its much more compact than a mod.

A simple yet unique feature which hasn’t been seen yet in this type of budget device is that you have the option to change the LED color according to your preference. Simply hold the firing button down while the mod is switched off to cycle between the different color choices and click it once to finalize the color choice. There are 7 different colors to choose from, as well as the option to turn the light off.

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO available colorsSpeaking of the firing button, it’s not too clicky to be overly obtrusive during operation. It is quite tactile, however, so there is some feedback to be experienced whenever pushing down on the button to fire the mod.

The tank is comprised mostly out of glass and stainless steel unlike other pod system devices which have polycarbonate cartridges so it’s best to be careful when handling the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO and avoid dropping it altogether.

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO mouth piece

Flavor Quality

While the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO might not be as visually appealing as the Kandypens Rubi, one major advantage it holds over these type of devices is the vastly superior airflow and coil systems the eGo uses. Despite only having a marginally larger footprint, the slight size increase allows for a much better coil to be used.

The two BFHN coil heads which are rated at a resistance of 0.5ohms outstrip the coils used in the Juul in terms of airflow and flavor quality. Airflow is a lot smoother and consistent as well, leading to a much more satisfying vape when using the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO.

In addition to the superior coil design, the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO kit also includes two drip tips, each with differently sized airflow slots. These allow you to choose between an airflow that feels more like an MTL style vape or a slightly restricted airflow that isn’t quite loose but still feels relaxed when taking a puff through it.

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO heating chamberPower Flexibility

It’s important to point out that the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO only has a max output of 1.85 volts. Factoring in the resistance of the BFHN coils, this gives you max total wattage output of 6.85 watts.

While this might feel significantly weaker than most variable wattage devices which go up to 200 watts, it should be noted that the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is designed for use with high nic or nicotine salt e-liquids in order to produce a satisfying vape.

If you’re looking for temperature control or any sort of alternative vaping mode, the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO doesn’t have anything beyond the standard fixed wattage mode, so it’s a good idea to keep that in mind before purchasing this kit.

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO flat display

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO tank refillEase of Use

Setting up the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is incredibly simple. Unscrew the top cap off, drip a few drops of e-liquid directly down into the coil chamber to prime it, then proceed to fill the glass tank with your favorite e-liquid.

The tank can hold up to 1.2ml of e-liquid is more than enough considering the device’s conservative power output. 5 clicks on the fire button turn the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO on, and another 5 clicks turn it off for safe storage.

Press and hold the fire button while taking a puff through the drip tip and that’s that! Replacing the coil head is far from difficult as it only requires removing the glass tank and unscrewing the installed coil head.

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO with armor case


Another aspect where the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO trumps its tinier counterparts; namely the Juul and Rubi is battery life. Both competitors have batteries which are rated at 200 and 250 mAh.

The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO has almost triple the battery life with its 650mAh rating so regardless of your vaping style or frequency, it’s safe to say that this mod can easily give you a whole day’s worth of vaping goodness without breaking a sweat.

And while the Juul and Rubi have the Joyetech eGo AIO ECO beat in the size department. The eGo is only marginally larger overall, so it’s still great for pocketability. Micro USB charging is also supported as long as you’ve got a powered USB port so charging the mod on the go is easy and hassle-free.

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO back

Joyetech eGo AIO ECO full kit

Overall Experience

The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO brings wonderful value to the ultra-portable market with its strong battery life, excellent battery life, and easy accessibility for vapers of all levels.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the Kandypens Rubi and if you are looking for the best mod style kit to start with we recommend the SMOK Procolor.

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