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Premier electronic cigarette manufacturer Joyetech has released a new animal-based vape mod. You may recall the Atopack dolphin they released not too long ago, well now there is the Atopack Dolphin. The Atopack Dolphin comes from Joyetech is offered in 5 different color options (pink, black, white, yellow, and blue). Joyetech is known for making affordable and ergonomic devices that come with many features. Let’s have a closer look at the new Dolphin model.  Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Joyetech Atopack Dolphin

Atopack dolphin review

Atopack dolphin front profile

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality of the Joyetech Atopack Dolphin is made with a tough plastic casing that is actually quite durable. There are not many moving parts and everything is snug together on the inside. The unit is smaller than your phone and is compact enough to fit into your pocket and strong enough to take a few dings.

A nice change with the Dolphin over the Penguin model is the transparent window that allows you to see your vape juice level. The transparent tank makes things much easier and allows you to quickly assess that status while on the go. Another change over the Penguin to the Dolphin is a much larger fire button that feels very comfortable and natural to use.

Atopack dolphin available colorsThe cartridge itself is made mainly with two different kinds of materials – PETG and Silicon. Both of these materials are safe to use, heat resistant, and recyclable. The cartridge capacity is 2 ml and 6 ml. If you’ve been using big box mods with 510 carts it may be time to look for something smaller, most vapers tend to start with Vessel 510 thread battery for their oil because it’s much more compact than a mod.

Atopack dolphin mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The Dolphin mod is designed with a JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) system. This injection coil system is a very user-friendly setup that you fill from the top. The design is also good for the airflow as it is less intrusive than some of the other vape coil system designs we have seen.

The Atopack Dolphin gives allows you to vape in both mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL) vaping styles. The Dolphin package comes equipped with two coils, a 1.2ohm for mouth to lung and 0.25ohm for direct to lung. The direct to lung piece restricts the airflow nicely to give you that good DTL hit.

An addition that the Dolphin has over the Penguin is the rubber tip you can place over the mouthpiece to get a more accurate airflow with your hits. The mouth to lung hit even with this rubber seal is still a bit loose. The Dolphin does not have an adjustable airflow which is something that I personally like included with my mods. It is however neat that they offer the two different coils and rubber tip addition.

Atopack dolphin power buttonPower Flexibility

Using the Dolphin in either mouth to lung or direct to lung variations you have a max direct output of 50 watts.

Your coil determines the type of draw you will receive. The 1.2 ohm coil will provide MTL draws, while the .25 coil will provide you with DTL draws.

Although this is not as powerful as many of the other mods on the market it does do the trick. Users who are interested in 510 thread cartridges for oil often prefer the Tronian Tautron.

Atopack dolphin side view

Atopack dolphin tankEase of Use

The ease of use for this mod is very high – meaning it’s one of the easier to use mods that we have tested. The Dolphin uses a one-button design where you click 5 times to turn it on, 5 times again when you want to turn it off. There is no adjustable temperature settings, just the max 50 watts of power output.

To charge the Dolphin you simply plug in the included USB cord into the front of the device, it charges pretty quickly using the 2 amp charging current. The battery is internal so you don’t need to worry about external batteries or carrying replacements around with you. The internal battery is a 2100mAh that provides enough power for most portable vape users to last a whole day on a single charge.

Your vape liquid goes into the top of the cartridge as it uses a top fill system. It’s all very straightforward and user-friendly. If you are looking for one of the most simple to use and easy to enjoy vape mods this one offers both mouth to lung and direct to lung setup that is easy to switch back and forth from. The top refill system is a user-friendly design that makes refilling quick and clean. The design also allows you to worry less about having the device/cartridge leak in your pocket or carry bag.

To help in the reduction of airflow for better mouth to lung hits the kit includes a mouthpiece rubber sleeve that augments the performance to tighten up the airflow and make it feel less loose. To use this you simply position it onto the tip of the mouthpiece.

Atopack dolphin with armour case


The dolphin comes with a 2100mAh built-in battery with 2 amp charging. The dolphin has 5 led lights on the front just below the micro USB charging slot that indicates how much battery remains on your charge. The Dolphin seems to charge quite quickly as a result of the 2 amp current.

The Atopack Dolphin is a fairy small mod (even smaller than the Penguin). This unit measures just 31mm x 50.0mm x 100 mm in size and 91g in weight.

Atopack dolphin back

Atopack dolphin full kit

Overall Experience

In summary, the Joyetech Atopack Dolphin is a durable little vape mod. The mouth to lung and direct to lung options are options that makes this a well rounded vape. Something I should mention again is that you should remember to prime your wick, juice up the coil head before you insert it into the tank.

My time spent with the Dolphin was pretty smooth, I have not had any issues with this model – again maybe my one complaint but nothing too severe was the mouth to lung hit being a bit loose. The price is right in my opinion, and the portability and color options make this a device that will fit a wide audience of vape users.

If you want something extremely simple, check out the If you want something extremely simple and portable, check out the Kandypens Rubi and If you are looking for a mod style kit to start with we recommend the Vaporesso Revenger.

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