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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen anything groundbreaking from renowned vaping manufacturer IJOY and it looks like this latest release is set to tip the scales in their favor once more. The IJOY Diamond PD270 kit uses two massive 20700 batteries which let the mod power up to a maximum of 234 watts. A large format OLED display, multiple vaping modes, and upgradeable firmware are just a few of the features supported by this kit, making it a viable candidate for an “endgame” kit.
Let’s delve down into the details of the kit below and see if bigger truly is better in this case. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: IJOY Diamond PD270 kit

IJOY Diamond Review

IJOY Diamond front display

Manufacturing Quality

If looks could kill, then feel free to classify the IJOY Diamond PD270 as a mass murderer. With an aesthetic that looks as sharp as a well-cut diamond, the IJOY Diamond PD270 looks to be the perfect blend of minimalist and avant-garde design. This is mostly due to the subdued colorways that the kit is available in which are given an extra touch by the well-defined lines crafted on the facade of the mod.

Everything about the IJOY Diamond PD270 screams “premium” and it certainly feels that way as well. Not a single part of the device wiggles or rattles, resulting in an absolutely solid hand-feel which is definitely evident upon holding the mod even for the first time.

The large OLED display blends in perfectly with the chassis of the mod which is a nice change of pace when compared to other devices that have large chunks of black paneling that stick out like a sore thumb. The resolution of the screen is crisp and clear and outdoor legibility even under direct sunlight is more than passable.

The side firing button is easily located by touch alone and produces a satisfying click when pressed, letting you know that the mod has indeed been activated. The up/down buttons are also conveniently located at the bottom portion of the screen making on the fly changes to your settings quick and painless.

The top of the mod houses the 510 connection which is thankfully centered, allowing for maximum compatibility with practically any atomizer available currently in the market today with a max allowance of 33.5mm in diameter. The connection is also spring loaded, allowing to form a smooth and seamless connection with a large variety of tanks and RDAs without any issues whatsoever.

IJOY Diamond available colors

The only complaint I have about the aesthetics of the kit is the print of the back panel which also acts as the battery cover. It showcases a large diamond with minimal branding that does indeed confirm that the mod is a “diamond” and in my opinion greatly detracts from the otherwise clean aesthetic of the kit.

The battery compartment is well designed with strong magnets holding the cover in place. Polarity indicators are also clearly marked, making battery installation simple and easy.

IJOY Diamond mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The IJOY Diamond PD270 kit includes the Captain X3S sub ohm tank. Constructed out of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, its design is nothing revolutionary and its apparent IJOY is trying to playing it safe this time around.

The good news is that this means flavor strength is wonderfully intense while vapor production is more than enough to satisfy most cloud chasers out there. The coils used by the Captain X3S don’t deviate from the standard dual round coil setup, but they do manage to hold their own against the performance of other pre-built sub-ohm coils.

Thanks to the minimal firing delay on the IJOY Diamond PD270 kit, vaping with the mod feels quick, satisfying, and responsive. Misfires are non-existent which is always a good indicator that the chip that mod uses is quality. The kit includes two sets of dual coil heads, one set already pre-installed into the tank.

Coil life is more than satisfactory with each coil lasting about a week before the flavor quality had started to decline. Your mileage may vary though as different types of e-liquids may corrode your coils faster (usually these are the ones with lots of sweeteners in the mix), so it’s always best to keep that in mind.

IJOY Diamond power controlPower Flexibility

With a maximum output of 234 watts, pretty much everything is within the realm of possibility when vaping with the IJOY Diamond PD270. Anything from higher ohm builds to the lowest of sub-ohm builds are capable of being powered by this mod. Naturally, temperature control is available with stainless steel, titanium, and nickel coil heads supported.

While the temperature control feels decent enough, the device truly shines when in variable wattage mode, due to the accuracy of the temperature control to be wonky at times, sometimes resulting in an inconsistent or sub-par vape.

Another strong point of the IJOY Diamond PD270 is that the large atomizer compatibility it has practically endless possibilities if you chose to venture into the world of custom coil builds. Regardless of the build deck of your chosen tank or RDA, the IJOY Diamond PD270 should be able to handle it all while still cutting an impressive figure without any unsightly overhang.

IJOY Diamond mouth piece flat

IJOY Diamond heating chamberEase of Use

Getting the device set up and operational might seem daunting to first-time vapers, especially when considering the power range and feature set available to the IJOY Diamond PD270. Luckily, IJOY also offers a version of the kit that already comes with the required 20700 batteries already included, exempting you from the need to purchase them separately.

But while the mod does support charging via the micro USB port, it’s always a much better idea to use a dedicated external charger to ensure maximum battery life and safety.

When it comes to the operation of the mod, the standard 5 clicks on the firing button turns it on while another 5 clicks turn it off. The menu to make more in-depth changes like switching between vaping modes can easily be accessed by pressing the firing button thrice in rapid succession.

In addition to this, the tank also has an easy to access swiveling top cap that only requires a small push to open, making quick refills a real thing without any of the unnecessary hassles that usually goes with the territory of unscrewing the top cap of your tank.

IJOY Diamond with armor case


Despite its impressive specs, the IJOY Diamond PD270 is far from bulky. With a maximum height of only 92mm, a width of 49mm, and a thickness of only 34.5mm resulting in the kit achieving quite a slim and portable figure.

It’s probably one of the highest powered devices that can easily slip into your pants pocket with relative ease. The weighting of the mod also feels well balanced and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand without feeling too bulky or heavy.

Battery life is naturally excellent thanks to the dual battery design giving the kit more than a full day’s worth of vaping, even when on full blast. In addition, the IJOY Diamond PD270 isn’t only compatible with 20700 batteries, but also comes with an adapter sleeve that lets you use the more popular 18650 battery format, giving you more flexibility when it comes to your choice of battery.

IJOY Diamond detached

IJOY Diamond full kit

Overall Experience

If you’re in the market for a powerful and stylish device that doesn’t skimp on performance nor on the build quality, the IJOY Diamond PD270 kit just may be the right choice for you.

The high output paired with the high-quality coil heads and tank make the vaping experience very consistent, reliable, and most important of all, reliable. It’s a fine choice for anyone looking for a bit more oomph out of their vape.

If you are looking for the most portable and straightforward unit we would probably chalk that up to the Kandypens RubiIf you are looking for a mod-style vape to start with we suggest checking out the Smok X-Priv.

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