Bo Plus Starter Kit Review – The Best Closed Pod System?

The pod-style market is being flooded with an influx of new devices to the point where you can’t help but feel that the entire vaping industry has become a rat race where companies try to outdo each other simply by releasing new products without much thought behind them. The Bo Plus thankfully is not one of those devices as it manages to strike the perfect balance between an aesthetically pleasing design and functionality that can rival even the best of its peers.
While it doesn’t really introduce anything new in this subcategory of vaping, it offers a level of quality that most starter kits out there will be hard-pressed to match. Read on to find out more. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Review: Bo Plus Starter Kit

Bo Plus Review

Bo Plus front display

Manufacturing Quality

Upon opening the well packaged Bo Plus, it’s already pretty apparent that the manufacturer hasn’t spared much expense when it comes to delivering a quality device. Handling the Bo Plus is a treat all in itself as the supple feel of the aluminum alloy is a definite improvement over the ergonomics of similar devices such as the Juul.

Thanks to it’s relatively more streamlined design, it’s even more comfortable to hold in hand compared to the Juul and the Bo Plus definitely takes the cake in this regard.

The Bo Plus at this point is only available in a satin finished black colorway keeping in line with the whole concept of stealth vaping with these types of pod-style devices. While attractive to look at, it’s recommended to use the included leather protective case as the paint job on the Bo Plus does have the tendency to show signs of wear and tear with frequent use.

Over the course of a month, our test unit has accumulated a few scratches and chips on the black finish. But if you’re a fan of leather, you’re definitely going to love the Bo Plus as the included protective case is made out of actual genuine leather and not the standard pleather or PU stuff that most β€œpremium” mods feature nowadays.Bo Plus available colors

Each of the disposable Bo Caps holds approximately 1.5ml of e-liquid. These easily lock into place and are just as simple to remove with a simple pull. A subtle but well-designed LED strip is positioned on the base of the mod which serves as a battery life and status indicator for the device in lieu of a screen.

Unlike the LED indicators on other mods, the one on the Bo Plus actually makes use of a diffuser which is great in getting a nice even glow whenever the LED turns on, resulting in a pleasant aesthetic effect.

Bo Plus mouth piece

Flavor Quality

Probably one of the biggest advantages that the Bo Plus holds over the competition is the quality of the flavor offerings. Regardless of what your preferences might be, it seems that the Bo Plus has you covered, offering flavors in tobacco, fruit, mint, and dessert flavors.

With 20 flavors to choose from (you can check out the full list on their product page), we managed to narrow our favorites down to their classic tobacco, fresh watermelon, polar mint, and lemon cream.

Unlike most pod-style devices that use a fixed and restricted airflow design, the Bo Plus actually sports a functional airflow control mechanism that lets you increase or decrease the amount of air you’re getting with each puff, resulting in either a tighter or airier draw depending on what you’re looking for.

Flavor output is excellent and you’re not going to experience any muted flavors on the Bo Plus which is something that can be attributed not only the high-quality e-liquids but also the considerably stronger output of the device. Vapor production is also a strong point of this device as it can be increased with a wider airflow or dialed down for a stealthy vape session when the occasion calls for it.

Bo Plus power controlPower Flexibility

The Bo Plus is a fixed output device, meaning that you’re not going to have the option of vaping in variable wattage or temperature control mode. It’s a good thing in this case that each of the 20 flavor options are all available in three different strengths.

There’s a bit of something in there for everyone so it’s somewhat safe to say that regardless of what type of vaper you are, the Bo Plus will have something to offer you.

The only exception to this is if you’re looking for a device which can be considered a cloud machine. While the Bo Plus manages to output a respectable amount of vapor, it’s definitely no match for the bulkier, high powered devices designed for true sub-ohm vaping. But if you’re after a strong throat hit, the Bo Plus definitely delivers on that thanks to its high-quality salt-based e-liquid offerings.Bo Plus inclined view

Bo Plus tankEase of Use

The Bo Plus being a starter kit easily pushes it into the realm of devices that are both quick and easy to setup and use. The easy plug and play action of the proprietary pod system makes it a literal snap to change and replace flavors on the go while the air activated sensor accurately recognizes whenever you take a puff wherein the device is instantly fired up for a seamless and hassle-free button-less design.

The LED battery indicator keeps it simple when it comes to monitoring remaining battery levels. Blue means that the battery is full or close to being at full charge, the LED shines white when the battery is at around 50%, and finally red for when the Bo Plus is in need of a recharge.

Bo Plus with armor case


With dimensions measuring out to 24 x 95 x 12 mm, the Bo Plus isn’t that much larger than the Bo One. Roughly the size of your standard USB drive, the device is exceedingly easy to carry around which is mostly due to its distinct lack of sharp edges and small form factor, making it a breeze to slip in and out of any pocket.

The 800mAh integrated battery is no slouch either as it gives the Bo Plus almost unparalleled longevity. Easily outstripping the competition in battery life, the Bo Plus easily lasts for at least a full day’s worth of heavy vaping.

The Bo Plus also does something that most electronic cigarettes have yet to implement which is using the new USB C standard as a charging port. This allows for charge times as short as 15 minutes which is pretty impressive considering the relatively large battery that the device uses.Bo Plus flat display

Bo Plus full kit

Overall Experience

If you’re looking for a great go-to starter kit and want the convenience of a closed system that the Bo Plus uses, it’s hard to go wrong with this well-designed starter kit as it manages to tick off all the right boxes when it comes to available features.

The high-quality flavor options and multiple strength offerings already give it the edge over other proprietary pre-filled pod systems, but add the excellent aesthetic design and the genuine leather case which definitely gives a nice touch of durability and class and it’s easy to see why the Bo Plus has all the makings for a great starter kit.

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