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As a follow up to the hugely successful Aspire Breeze and Breeze 2, Aspire isn’t letting up and releasing another AIO pod device that features a very welcome aesthetic twist. The Aspire Cobble just might be the new and upcoming starter kit to get for the budding beginner. Featuring a refillable pod design that holds up to 1.8ml of e-liquid and houses a 1.4-ohm nichrome coil for even faster ramp and cools down, the Aspire Cobble also uses a 700mAh integrated battery for a long-lasting mouth to lung performance.

Editors Note: For those interested in the convenience of a pod-based system but want the versatility of using your own e-liquid we suggest checking out the JWELL La Carte, a simple yet elegant open pod-based unit that offers 2ml of juice capacity and fast charging through USB-C. The La Carte is the best solution for those looking for a flexible pod-based system.

Review: Aspire Cobble

Aspire Cobble Review

Aspire Cobble front display

Manufacturing Quality

In contrast to its predecessors, the Aspire Cobble takes a more streamlined approach which is a welcome revision in comparison to the spartan aesthetics of the Breeze lineup. Aptly named, the Aspire Cobble is shaped exactly like a common cobblestone with various colorways to match the design.

Aside from a dark marble color, wood grain, carbon fiber, and zebra stripes comprise the lineup of available designs for purchase. The unit we got for testing came in dark marble and we’re quite enamored with this color as the finish on the faux marble panel is tastefully done and subtle enough as to not look obviously fake.

The pod integrates perfectly into the main body of the device keeping up with the smooth and streamlined aesthetic. The mouthpiece which is integrated into the pod is slightly tapered off toward the end which makes for much more comfortable vaping experience when pressing the mouthpiece against your lips.

Like most pod-style devices, the Aspire Cobble features a buttonless design that relies on an air-activated sensor to detect when you inhale or take a puff to fire up the device. Not only does this make the Aspire Cobble exceedingly easy to use, but it also helps maintain the clean and pristine facade of the device.Aspire Cobble available colors

One major caveat we experienced with the Aspire Cobble though is it feels rather lightweight and cheap which is to be expected out of any budget oriented starter kit that focuses on portability. Unfortunately, the budget feel of the Aspire Cobble isn’t restricted to just the feel of the device, but also extends to how some of the pieces fit together. If you are looking for a 510-thread battery for oil cartridges we suggest checking out the CCELL Silo.

In this case, the pod system that comes with this kit completely opts out of the magnetic assembly which has almost become standard for every pod-style kit nowadays and instead snaps into place which can make it somewhat of a pain to remove when replacing the pod.

Aspire Cobble mouth piece

Flavor Quality

From a flavor perspective, we didn’t see much difference between the performance of Aspire Cobble and its predecessors, the Breeze and Breeze 2. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as the Breeze lineup was a big hit thanks to its solid performance across the board. The Aspire Cobble mirrors much of that performance and then some. P

Thanks to the inclusion of a 1.4-ohm nichrome coil in Aspire’s own BVC format which allows the coil temperature to quickly heat up, and also quickly dissipates heat when not in use. This is extra helpful when it comes to coil durability and longevity as the coil spends less time “boiling” e-liquid at low temperatures which contribute to a faster degradation of the coil material. People who use 510 cartridges tend to prefer the CCELL Palm.

The Aspire Cobble produces a nice restrictive hit which lines up perfectly with its description as a mouth to lung device. We do recommend pairing the device with a high-quality salt e-liquid to get a satisfactory throat hit out of your setup. The mouthpiece does a good job at protecting your lips against spit back and the heat from the coil, not to mention it also comes in a convenient ergonomic shape that doesn’t feel awkward to inhale from.

Aspire Cobble power controlPower Flexibility

Just like the Aspire Breeze lineup, you won’t find any extra functionality hidden within the Aspire Cobble. It fires up like a true all in one starter device, which is to say it doesn’t support vaping modes such as variable wattage or temperature control.

The only variable in the equation that the Aspire Cobble presents is the ability to vape with any e-liquid of your own choosing, as the refillable pod design doesn’t restrict the lineup of flavors you can vape on, a common caveat of closed pod-style systems such as the Juul.Aspire Cobble mouth piece

Aspire Cobble heating chamberEase of Use

We couldn’t really find anything to complain about. Thanks to the air-activated draw sensor that fires up the Aspire Cobble for you when taking a puff, there’s no need to fiddle around with any buttons on the device (as there aren’t any).

The lack of a display also means that there’s practically no learning curve when it comes to using the Aspire Cobble. Simply charge up the device via the included micro USB cable, fill up the tank, and start vaping.

Aspire Cobble with armor case


The Aspire Cobble holds up to 1.8 ml of e-liquid which can provide a whole day’s worth of vaping without needing to refill depending on how you vape. We would’ve liked to see a top or side fill port instead of the bottom fill port that’s designed into the pod of the Aspire Cobble as that would eliminate the need to remove the pod whenever filling up the tank.

When it comes to overall size, the Aspire Cobble measures out to 78mm * 41mm * 15.5mm (height * width * thickness), making it the ideal size for storing in your pocket. A lack of edges also makes the Aspire Cobble exceedingly easy to grip, even during longer vaping sessions, which is always a nice plus. Getting a full day’s worth of vaping from the integrated 700mAh battery was also very convenient as it eliminated our need to recharge the device mid-day.Aspire Cobble mouth piece detached

Aspire Cobble full kit

Overall Experience

While we weren’t totally impressed by the build quality of the Aspire Cobble, it was the performance of the device that eventually won us over.

Aside from its smooth airflow design and reliable power delivery, the sheer portability of the Aspire Cobble thanks to its small size, low weight, and adequate battery, make it a solid choice for anyone looking for an easy to use, well performing, and reliable starter kit. However, we still tend to enjoy the slim design of the JWELL La Carte over the off-shaped Cobble.

If you are looking for the best mod style kit to start with we recommend the SMOK Procolor.

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    I have the Aspire Cobble as a back up to my SMOK Novo. The Cobble consistently gives off a burnt taste and m not sure why. It’s brand new. I’ve used it 3, maybe 4 times and even tried switching the pod. Any suggestions or ideas why it’s doing that? Could it just be a defective unit?

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