Air Filter Set - Volcano


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This set contains two air filters that can be used in your VOLCANO Vaporizer, either the Classic or Digital model. The air filters are located inside your VOLCANO hot air generator and serve to make sure that the air that ends up passing over your botanicals is clean and free of particles. Over time, these air filters can get dirty and will need replaced every few months, depending on use, for the freshest vapor possible.


  • VOLCANO Vaporizer

Package Contents

  • 2 x Replacement air filters

How to Replace

  1. Carefully tip or flip ove your Volcano so the bottom of the unit is exposed
  2. Locate the air filter cap on the bottom of the unit
  3. Twist the air filter cap off to expose the installed air filter
  4. Pinch to remove the existing air filter and discard it
  5. Insert fresh air filter replacement
  6. Twist the air filter cap back on.
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